What is a studygram?

Social media normally gets a bad rep when it comes to students and studying. Many teachers and parents feel that online social platforms distract students from their studies, which is probably true in many cases.

But there are some ways social media can help students’ with their studies, keeping them motivated when used for the right purposes.

A popular Instagram hashtag, #studygram, has created a positive study community that connects Instagrammers looking to share their study journey through bullet journaling, diagrams, study tips, notes and so forth. And studygram, a clever portmanteau of “study” and “Instagram,” in its simplest form is a study motivation page. Studygrammers share pictures of their notes and study spaces to inspire students around to the world. If you are scrolling on Instagram, when you should be studying for that test next week, a sudden studygram post could motivate you to get off the phone and go study!

Many societies have a tendency to mock or put down students who study hard and do all their homework. These are the people often known as ‘nerds’, ‘boffins’ or ‘geeks’. For those who enjoy studying and take pride in note-taking, #studygram is a like-minded community that won’t shun you for being yourself: a hardworking student.

The #studygram community is incredibly positive and supportive. Studygrammers typically encourage others to share thoughts and tips in the comments, so you can feel part of an active community that supports studying and creative expression. Many posts also discuss the struggles of staying motivated, finding time to study and exam stress. It can be comforting to know that even the best of students sometimes find it difficult, as well as to uncover what it is that keeps them going.

The world of studygramming is an excellent way to pick up good study habits and new note-taking skills — students inspiring and motivating students. Some studygrammers share posts about keeping an organized study space where other studygrammers share posts on how to take clean and organized notes. A very popular type of studygram post, one that I love to do, is note-taking time lapses! There is something inspiring and satisfying about these time-lapses that make you want to get up, go to your desk, and rewrite your notes.

Studygramming is criticized sometimes for being “pretty notes.” But who said that’s a bad thing? I guess it’s easier and less stressful to study if the notes are neat and organized instead of haphazardous and messy? The best thing about studygramming is that everyone has a different style and none of them are worse or better than others; there is no wrong way to studygramming.

Many #studygram posts are photos of bullet journaling and impeccable note-taking and students sometimes pay other students for it. Studygram posts can also inspire students to get more organised about  daily notes and routines. You can even learn about new study resources and materials through studygram, as most studygrammers are really keen to share. Some post notebook and stationery tips, while others post their detailed notes that can help others studying the same subjects.

My take on the notes? Some of them are pretty cool actually.



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  1. I actually look at a lot of study grams!! But oops, can I be honest and say that I’ve thought they look like just pretty notes too?

    But they have motivated me to study so yes, I’m not condemning them ofc. 🙂

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  2. This is great to hear. I was always told to stay away from social media, yet I was communicating with friends about homework etc. So I guess it can be a good thing.

    I’ve also heard of study groups creative Facebook pages to share ideas or ask questions, which I think is a great use of Facebook.

    Liked by 1 person

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