How Gratitude Can Change Your Life?

Do you want more from your life? More happiness? Better health? Deeper relationships? Increased productivity? One way to achieve that is to express gratitude. No religious links here but let me highlight the benefits of gratitude. 1. Gratitude makes us healthier. There is even reason to believe gratitude can extend your lifespan by a few […]

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How great designs made craft beer bottles and cans into works of art?

Beer cans have become premium visual currency, the markers of good taste. Scroll through a beer-focused Instagram feed, and you’ll likely spot Other Half IPAs outfitted in bold, geometric cans; the acid-tripped sci-fi and fantasia of Pipeworks cans like Lizard King pale ale; or Modern Times’ gorgeous typographic treatments twinned to a vibrant color scheme. […]

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What is OLED in the new iphone?

Unless you were living under a rock, you would have heard that Apple announced a slew of new products last Tuesday, including three new iPhones: the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. There are several major differences among the three phones, but one of the biggest changes is the screen – the iPhone […]

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How to combine tech and human connection for better customer service?

Whether you’re arguing with your telco company or trying to rebook a flight, awful customer service encounters are a disheartening part of daily life. What can companies learn from Union Square Hospitality Group restaurateur Danny Meyer and Warby Parker’s Neil Blumenthal? They are helping inspire a new generation of companies to overhaul how they think […]

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