How to escape if you have fallen down a well?

I saw the ring again and this prompted the post. Not the ghostly portion but how to escape! First of all, let’s think how best to fall. Your instinct is likely to try to catch yourself with your knees or your hands if you fall over, as your entire body stiffens up a little. If you fall backward, you’re probably a little disoriented and you’re going to slap your head on whatever surface your skull is quickly approaching.

However, you do not want to do any of these things. Before you hit the ground, falling on your hands or knees will result in all your weight resting on certain parts of your body. This is a safe way for anything to crack or fracture. As for falling backward, you don’t want the brunt of that impact to bear on your back or particularly your head, either. You don’t want your body to be tense in both cases; you should be as loose as you might possibly be in the situation.

But here’s how you can crash in such a way that some of the harm can be minimized. Keep one’s head safe. Turn your face to the side when you slide, if you are falling forward. After all, you do not want a face full of whatever you’re falling into. Tuck your chin down to lower your head if you are slipping backward. This minimizes the head’s chances of catching the brunt of the effect as it bounces back.

Try to move your body to the side in the air when you fall, and land on the most fleshy areas of your body: the buttocks, the thighs, and the shoulders. Remain loose. When you slip, bend your knees and elbows. Stiffness is your enemy because the effect won’t be absorbed by all the tightness in your body. You are a little looser with bent limbs and the body can bear more of the fall’s brunt. Similarly, because that will cause you to tense up, you do not want to inhale when you fall. Instead, exhale and remain loose.

Keep the fall going. It’s embarrassing to slip, but instead of trying to catch yourself, it’s easier if you roll with the fall. Instead of stopping yourself, particularly if you go into a tumble, continue to do this until you naturally stop.

Stress, don’t. They say that the first two seconds are critical when you fall down a well. You’re probably at the bottom of the well by the moment two seconds have passed and you should start planning your escape. If you’re not at the bottom of the well, then one of two things have happened. There’s still water in the well and you’re floating. Oh, that’s fine! You’re probably close to the well’s tip. There’s a fair chance that you will just climb down, and then you won’t read this anymore.

If you’re still falling , then that’s bad. If you still fall after two seconds, then it might not be a good one at all. It may be any number of items to be found by holologists, or hole experts as they are often called, such as a wide hole, an underwater cave system, a hellmouth, a wormhole, or some sort of unexplained hole.

Once you have landed, it’s time to see if you can either climb out or wait to be rescued. If you choose the former then get ready for a workout.

  1. Place your back against the wall and your feet in a ‘L’ shape against the opposite wall.

2. To maintain your position off the ground, use steady and even pressure from your thighs.

3. Place the palms of your hands under your butt against the wall behind you. Off the opposite wall, take your right foot and put it under your butt.

4. Press your back with your hands away from the wall and force your hands and feet upwards.

5. Place your back on the wall again and move your right foot higher than your left foot back onto the opposite wall.

6. From 3, repeat. This time, however, use your left foot and alternate from there. Slightly twist the top and grab the lip of the well as you approach the top. To help you pull yourself out, roll and shift your weight to your hands and use your feet.

I guess the point is to not fall into the well in the first place but just in case, now you know!

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