Do you wet shave?

My father asked me to get some razor blades. As Father’s Day was coming, I decided to get him a new razor set all together. “You should try this…better and cheaper than yours”.He was meaning my Gillette Fusion razor. Took his advice and got myself a set. Ever since the prehistoric man first scraped a […]

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Why do people buy? – Part 2

OK. Here’s part 2 of why do people buy. In this post, I am going to explore in the very slim event that you purchase something and suffer from buyers’ remorse. Very slim of course. The little comic below provides some insights on the different stages we go through. In a study conducted by, […]

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Are you a fox or hedgehog?

Good old Bill Gates did an interview recently about who he would have hired in the beginning stages of his career. His comment that he would have picked a sales person rather than try to learn and do it all himself drove home the point of the need for hire people with depth rather than […]

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Do you procrastinate?

I have to admit that I do it sometimes. Much less now than during my student days where I am your typical last minute fellow in the class. With the course load and of course, the packed social calendar, it’s tough to keep things moving on a FIFO approach. Of course, there is the “impression” […]

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