How to tap on strong networks can tap into the power of women?

We are all aware of Facebook’s prominent status as a global social network, but these days, it is useful for much more than just keeping up with your former high school crush. It’s actually a tool that can help you build a powerful personal network that leverages the influence of other women.

Such a network can help you manage the particular, gender-specific issues that women experience, such as coping with pregnancy and parenting, and it can offer both professional and emotional support.

The creator of the online bra retailer ThirdLove is Heidi Zak. When she was just out of college and working for an investment bank, she first met her close friend and mentor, Lisa. Since then, Lisa has been her go-to person for guidance on all significant professional decisions, from quitting Google to founding ThirdLove to welcoming her first kid just as the new company was getting off the ground.

Years later, Zak returned the favor by providing Lisa with a letter of recommendation when she applied to become a finance professor. When Lisa received a job offer from a start-up, she was also in an excellent position to offer advice on how to negotiate.

However, that doesn’t imply that males shouldn’t be part of your network! Building an authentic friendship with a male peer is a terrific idea. He can minimize the sense of alienation in a job where men predominate as an ally.

The author was told by one programmer, the only female on her team, how she always left the workplace before her coworkers started their after-hours drinking sessions. It was one of the factors that contributed to her lack of a genuine sense of belonging. But she would have felt more at ease sticking around and drinking a beer if she had at least one male ally in the group.

Despite the fact that there are more males in top positions, just 9% of professional women reach out to a male mentor, according to Catalyst, a research and advising firm. It’s a good idea to maintain guys in your network since they frequently have the resources and power required to open doors in our patriarchal society. Having close friends at work, regardless of their gender, is a tried-and-true approach to stay motivated and interested in your job.

Do you or anybody you know struggle with “mother guilt”? If you’re unsure, the signs include a poor work-life balance, a lack of meaningful family time, and spending too much time at the office. Do not be alarmed if this sounds all too familiar. There is a solution. Being confident in your profession is one of the finest strategies to get rid of mommy guilt. You’ll experience the benefits at home, including a stronger sense that you’re a good role model.

The author remembers how Selma, her mother, would bitterly lament how she had to forgo a potential medical profession in order to raise her children throughout her childhood. Selma, who was 63 years old, underwent a transformation when she landed her first job as a barista at a Whole Foods Market. She finally experienced the increase in self-esteem that comes with putting in a lot of effort, thanks to the payment and the perception that she performed admirably in her role. Selma’s efforts even influenced her grandkids, who started to look up to her as a role model.

Contrary to what Selma originally thought, having a family does not require your work to suffer. Nowadays, even when taking time off from work, you may still be productive owing to parental leave. And there are some guidelines to remember to make sure this occurs.

Work out all the specifics regarding who of your colleagues will be handling each of your duties before you depart. Your manager should be informed of this plan and your anticipated return date. If you’re not in the office, you can still plan on staying engaged with the team. In fact, if you choose to work while on maternity leave, you might want to create a few measurable performance goals for yourself during this time so that you can continue to feel successful at work.

Even if you’re at home, proving your commitment to anything could help your self-esteem. So, if that’s what you want to do, go ahead and prove to your boss that you can complete assignments and respond to emails more quickly than before. Additionally, it’s a good idea to stay in touch with at least one coworker so that you don’t miss out on any office politics or rumors. Is your guilt as a mother lessening? Good. Be certain that you can maintain a top-notch career while still enjoying parenthood with some advance planning and flexibility.

The first piece of advise is to keep your composure if you’ve been fired or decide to leave your job. Remind yourself that this isn’t the end of the world or even the end of your career by taking a few deep breaths. If you do choose to leave your job, you should do it in an effort to advance your career and give yourself the chance to power UP later on. Never let your response be solely emotional.

Ask several close friends and coworkers for their advice if you’re attempting to decide whether quitting is the appropriate course of action to obtain some alternative viewpoints. You should constantly endeavor to make important career decisions with a mind that is free of raw emotions, no matter what. You may be experiencing levels of anger or anxiety that are keeping you from finding an effective solution to the problem that doesn’t include resigning if you are coping with a sexist work environment or an unforeseen medical crisis.

When you quit, you should ideally be able to pivot to another excellent opportunity, such as leaving a job that isn’t fulfilling to pursue your actual love. It shouldn’t be utilized as a means of emigrating from a hostile workplace because your employer ought to be able to handle such problems.

You should take advantage of this time off from work to regroup whether you quit or are fired. Do you recall Julie Wainwright from The RealReal, a consignment store? In the year 2000, she was jobless and in dire need of recharge. Her business,, had failed and was now the laughingstock of the sector. She was also going through a difficult divorce and countless shattered friendships, as if that weren’t enough.

Wainwright needed ten years to recover rather than attempting to swiftly bounce back from these psychological and professional setbacks. This entailed picking up old pastimes like painting and drawing, which gave her the confidence she sorely needed. She was able to gather inspiration for The RealReal during the hiatus. She had an epiphany while shopping with a friend: she could create an online consignment store that independently validated the designer goods from each vendor. It was flawless!

Recharging is also a chance to catch up on the most recent advancements in the field or to build your network by getting together with your most crucial contacts. The most important thing is to give yourself the time and space to connect with yourself and decide what to do next.

Although it’s frequently easier said than done to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace, the effort is always worthwhile because it helps the entire business. In fact, gender-diverse workforces generate 41% more revenue than gender-homogeneous ones, according to the Journal of Economic & Management Strategy.

If you’re looking for work, bear in mind that the interview process is the ideal opportunity for you to learn how well you’ll fit in with a company’s culture and how likely it is that you will have the opportunity to progress. Ask questions like, “How many women are in senior management positions? What are your parental leave policies? How does the organization evaluate performance? And how do you make sure people’s thoughts are heard?”

If you’re still not sure, you may ask some of the female employees about their individual experiences. In their research on the employee-evaluation process, Steven Aldrich, chief product officer of GoDaddy, and the Clayman Institute at Stanford University discovered that the precise criteria used in these evaluations made a significant difference.

Women were typically criticized more frequently for being “aggressive” in their communication when organizations employed criteria that didn’t expressly recognize the positive behaviors found in a gender-neutral setting. But after employing precise criteria for 18 months, employers frequently saw that the wage disparity between men and women was getting smaller.

Here are some suggestions for executives on how to build the diverse workforce they envision. Start by broadening your search. Using recruitment platforms like Power to Fly or Jopwell that also target minorities and women is an excellent approach to do this. Never hire anyone if you’re considering several people before speaking with at least one qualified woman.

An other suggestion is to develop less qualified but more diverse individuals into the talent you require. The handmade goods platform Etsy wants to hire more female engineers but was unable to locate any with the necessary experience. Instead of abandoning up, they created the Hacker School, a three-month training program. Etsy was able to boost the proportion of female engineers by 18% after just two sessions.

However, you should always employ skilled personnel. If you reject excellent hires simply to meet a quota, you’ll only be making the employees you do hire doubt if they truly merit their position. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the standards you set should allow everyone the opportunity to succeed.

Whether you’re a worker, CEO, or advocate for equal rights, your voice counts toward changing the way the sector functions. One person cannot possibly represent the entire power UP movement.

For women, breaking down glass ceilings in the tech sector or the New Economy as a whole presents a unique set of difficulties. However, you shouldn’t view these difficulties as obstacles that constrict your potential. Making sure your voice is heard, creating space for yourself where none is provided, and being confident in the face of hardship are all parts of Powering UP. The New Economy doesn’t operate according to established norms, therefore there are plenty of chances for you to embrace your uniqueness and achieve success on your own terms.

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