Why is it better to drink hot water?

Most of us are aware that water is necessary for our survival. We’ve undoubtedly all heard doctors suggest that eight glasses of water each day is best. What most people don’t realize is that drinking warm or hot water has its own set of benefits that you can’t obtain from drinking cold water.

Starting the day with a glass of hot water, according to ancient Chinese medicine and Indian culture, helps kick-start the digestive system and delivers a variety of health benefits. It’s not, however, a case of the hotter, the better. To avoid injuring the epithelial cells in your mouth and throat, keep water at a maximum temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The health benefits of drinking warm or hot water are listed below.

Drinking hot water can help your circulatory organs flow blood more effectively throughout your body, just like taking a warm bath can. This translates to decreased blood pressure and a lower risk of heart disease.

Consuming hot water will not make you lose weight on its own, but it will aid the process. Start your day with hot water and lemon to boost your metabolism and allow your body to burn more calories throughout the day.

If you have a stuffy nose, try a glass of hot water as a home treatment. It might help with the signs and symptoms of a respiratory illness. Clinical studies suggest that drinking hot water reduces nasal congestion faster than drinking cold water because the higher temperature speeds up the rate at which mucus moves.

Warm water stimulates blood flow to the tissues, allowing muscles to relax, whilst cold water causes muscles to contract. It can assist with everything from joint pain to menstrual cramps. Drinking warm water before bed has a calming impact that may help you fall asleep faster, as well as making you feel fuller, no midnight cravings and more energized in the morning.

Switching from cold to warm water may benefit your teeth. Warm water is easier to absorb and is excellent for the teeth and restorations. Make sure your water isn’t overly hot once more. To keep your pearly whites happy, drink water at room temperature.

Warm water has a vasodilator effect, which means it opens blood vessels and promotes blood flow to the colon, which helps with digestion. It travels quickly through your digestive system and into your bowels when consumed on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Warm water’s digestive health benefits don’t stop there. Because it has a faster hydrating impact, the warmth helps emulsify fats, making them more digestible when consumed after a meal.

Drinking hot water will help you get rid of fat deposits around your central nervous system and maintain a healthy blood flow. Your muscles will appreciate it as well. When our bodies are dehydrated, we become constipated. Warm water increases our circulation and digestive systems, which helps our intestines, as previously stated. It is recommended to drink the warm water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. The water’s temperature is also important, as cold water is harsh on our inside systems.

Drinking hot water boosts core body temperature, which stimulates the sweating process, which is one of the body’s ways of removing toxins. Hot water, when consumed on a regular basis and with lemon added to it, helps to balance all of the acidic items we consume on a daily basis. If lemon isn’t your thing, consider green tea, which has been shown to reduce free radical activity in the body. Keep an eye out for these warning indications that your liver is in serious jeopardy.

Come water encourages digestion, however cold water takes longer to warm up to the body’s temperature. Food digestion takes less energy and time when consumed in hot or warm water. Drinking cold water at mealtimes has also been found in tests to solidify food oils, causing fat accumulation in the bowel. This may contribute to the development of intestinal cancer.

The pain and aches of arthritis can be relieved by soaking in warm water or using a hot water bottle. The same is true on the inside, since warm water relaxes our joints by calming the central nervous system and improving blood circulation.

Aside from the health benefits, warm water may make you friendlier. Participants in a University of Colorado Boulder study who briefly handled a hot cup of coffee (vs iced) rated others to be more kind and caring. Participants who handled a hot therapeutic pad (rather than a cold one) were more likely to choose a present for a friend than a gift for themselves in a second section of the trial. So, however you drink your warm water, keep the cup in your hand for as long as possible.

Thanks to my mom for inspiring this post!

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