What is a Wordle?

That is the big question for millions of individuals all across the world. Every day, the online word puzzle is shared on social media. There were only 90 daily players when it first started. After only a few months, the number has risen to three million! But what is Wordle exactly, and how do you use it?

The free game was designed by New York City-based software programmer Josh Wardle, who named it Wordle, a play on his own name, for his boyfriend, Palak Shah, who enjoys word games. Shah assisted with some of the work as well. The game is a simple word guessing problem that refreshes every day. Players are challenged to guess a five-letter word from a list of 2,500 each day. In a single day, players can guess the word up to six times.

Following the players’ guesses, each letter in the word will be given a color. The color gray denotes that the letter isn’t present in the word at all. Yellow indicates that the letter is present in the word, but not in the location in which you placed it. Green indicates that the letter is part of the puzzle word and is also in the proper position.

Gray letters will be blanked out on the keyboard at the bottom of the screen after each guess. You won’t be able to reuse letters that aren’t in the word because of this. You’ll have to wait until the next day to play again if you’ve correctly answered the word or run out of guesses.

Wordle is completely free to use if you have a social network account. Because everyone guesses the same word, gamers compete against one another every day and may easily share their results. You can also observe how many tries somebody made and which letters they got correct or incorrect. But, most significantly, the results aren’t revealed ahead of time, ensuring that no one spoils the fun for the rest of the group.

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