Why you should get your sh*t together?

What is preventing you from accomplishing your objectives and being happy? When we’re asked to get our act together, we frequently respond, “I just don’t know where to begin.” If this seems similar, the first step toward getting your sh*t together is to figure out exactly what you want to do and when you want to achieve it.

Sarah Knight’s book, Get Your Sh*t Together: How to Stop Worrying About What You Should Do So You Can Finish What You Need to Do and Start Doing What You Want to Do (A No Fcks Given Guide), emphasizes that it’s important to be realistic about your objectives, yet many of us set them too high.

This is a problem since we can’t become winners if we constantly set unreasonable goals for ourselves. Our fitness goals are a good example. If your objective is to get in shape and reduce weight, it’s a little ridiculous to expect to look like Kate Upton, a beautiful fitness model. You don’t have her body type, most certainly.

Setting a goal to be like her would be like aiming for an impossible goal. Isn’t that depressing? It’s so depressing, in fact, that it might persuade you to forego going to the gym in favor of lounging on the couch and eating cookies.

As a result, get your act together and let go of your irrational goals. Set reasonable goals that will make a difference in your daily life, such as losing a few pounds, to get back on track. To put it another way, don’t set goals based on other people’s measurements, which you’re unlikely to match.

Another important step in getting your act together is to improve your relationship with time. If you don’t feel like you have enough time to accomplish your objectives, you probably have poor time management abilities. Gain a deeper knowledge of how you actually spend your time to combat this issue. You can accomplish this by keeping track of how long it takes you to do normal things like showering or working out at the gym.

Then, using your newfound information, construct a realistic weekly calendar that includes all of the things you’ve always wanted to do but never seem to have time for, such as learning a new skill. Starting to get your crap together is actually that easy.

Keeping your valuable relationships in good shape is a vital part of having your sh*t together. To keep our social and family relationships alive, we must actively maintain or develop them. One of the most essential relationships in our lives is the one we have with our love partner. However, being as adaptable as possible isn’t always the best strategy to strengthen this bond. In fact, competing with your significant other is a superior way to create or maintain a terrific relationship.

We’re not talking about playing a doubles tennis match when we say get competitive with your partner. Instead, in this sense, being competitive means vying to be the most caring and attentive member of the relationship. Make it your goal, for example, to be the most helpful or nicest person. Hold a competition to see who can provide the finest Valentine’s Day gift or make the most unexpected love gesture.

Adding this healthy rivalry to the mix is excellent whether you’re just starting out in your relationship or have been together for decades. You’ll notice that if you adopt this winning relationship mindset, even the most routine duties become a labor of love for your mate. Even garbage disposal is now a way to earn points in this battle, rather than a task you dread.

Also, get organized if you want to win big in this loving competition. Set aside some time to compile a list of everything you could do for your mate to earn important relationship points. These could be large purchases, such as romantic holidays overseas, if you have sufficient funds. But it’s also crucial that your list includes a variety of modest loving acts that require far less money, such as keeping their favorite flavor of ice cream in the freezer.

Small, loving acts made on a regular basis are far more successful than large romantic gestures made only once in a while. Why? Because small acts of kindness throughout the day give your partner the sense that they are always on your mind. The annual romantic blow-out, on the other hand, can occasionally make your loved one think you’re just compensating for ignoring them all year!

To various people, getting your professional sh*t together implies different things. It meant quitting her job as an editor and going into business for herself as an author for the author. Gaining a promotion or a raise inside our existing position could be the equivalent for many of us.

However, no matter what career route you choose, there are a few universally relevant techniques for getting your sh*t together. When it comes to the workplace, seeming confident – even if you’re anything but on the inside – is critical if you want to earn people’ trust and respect.

Take a look at your coworkers to understand how you might boost your self-assurance at work. Who appears to be in control, and how do they present that image? Your employees are probably doing fairly simple things like keeping a cheerful and stable mood and wearing clean clothes free of yesterday’s lunch stains to signal that they’re capable, self-assured grownups.

Do you think it would be that tough for you to replicate their self-assurance and unity? Probably not – all you have to do is retain a positive attitude and do your laundry!

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