How do you free up more time for other stuff?

Examine your surroundings more closely: you may be wasting time without realizing it. How long has it been since you visited Facebook or Pinterest? What’s more essential, how long did you scroll? Social media consumes a significant amount of time. It’s time to get rid of the bad habit! To avoid temptation, delete apps off your phone or log out. Then relax and enjoy your newfound free time.

Allowing certain things to go is another approach to free up time. Why not put your newfound ability to say no to the test this week? No one will think less of you if you don’t participate in the school auction! Save your time on things that will help you get closer to your objectives.

Finally, don’t be hesitant to seek assistance. Consider hiring a virtual assistant or intern to assist you with mundane activities that you don’t have time for if you have the finances. You are not required to go it alone! Self-care isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. It’s a requirement — and one for which you’ll be eternally grateful.

Mom entrepreneurs frequently refer to their company as “their kid.” After all, you are the one who brings them into the world, raises them, celebrates their accomplishments, and eventually watches them fly away on their own. When it comes to raising a child, it’s best to let things develop spontaneously. Your company, on the other hand, is a different story. As a mother entrepreneur, you must devise a strategy for your “baby.”

It is not necessary to have a comprehensive plan. In reality, you’ll only need one page! So, where should you begin? Determine your vision: What is the need that your company is filling? Whose lives will you improve as a result of it? Next, determine your mission: What drives you to manage this company? What are the guiding principles? Finally, make a list of your specific goals. These objectives should be SMART, which stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. “In 2016, I want to make an income of $85,000,” is an example of a SMART goal.

Putting your vision, goal, and objectives into action is the next phase in your one-page plan. You’ll need strategies for this. If your goal is to provide a product that will improve the lives of women aged 25 to 35, you’ll need to contact them. You may launch a targeted marketing effort or set up a booth at a local trade event.

You’ll need resources to carry out these strategies. These should also be factored into your strategy. Ask yourself, “What should I do next?” This month, you might decide to hire a web designer to improve your company’s online exposure.

As you write your plan, you might feel a little intimidated. You are, after all, making a lot of promises to yourself! Consider all of the resources you have if all of the decisions and steps to take seem overwhelming.

Your abilities, skills, personality traits, education, work experience, networks, and support systems, which you’ve created and honed over your life, will serve you well. It’s time to put them to good use!

So, you’ve written a fantastic business plan and now it’s time to look after yourself. However, something appears to be standing in your way of achieving your goals. This is an excellent time to examine your working techniques more closely.

Working from home is a blessing for mom entrepreneurs that require flexibility. It can, however, be a curse! If you find yourself washing laundry during work hours while a deadline looms, you’ve fallen prey to a type of productive procrastination that all moms are familiar with.

Admitting that you’re procrastinating is the first step in overcoming it. So quit acting as if your product proposition is more important than dazzling windows. If you’ve set aside time for housework, don’t allow it distract you when you’re not doing it.

Always ask yourself how productive you are when you’re working on your business. It’s never too late to get better! It’s worth looking into the most recent apps that can help you increase your productivity in fresh and creative ways.

There are also a few tried-and-true methods that will help you succeed. It’s as simple as chunking it, mapping it, and calculating it. Set up chunks of time for certain tasks: react to emails in 20 minutes, devote two hours to a big work slot, and reward yourself with 25-minute breaks. This method of segmenting your time is a simple yet efficient strategy to keep it under control.

If you have a large project and aren’t sure where to begin with time management, it’s time to sketch it out. Break down your project into smaller jobs and estimate how long it will take you to accomplish each one.

Finally, apply the 80/20 rule to your calculations. This means you only work on the 20% of jobs that yield the most profits. With these resources in hand, you’ll be able to demonstrate to the market exactly how powerful mom entrepreneurs can be!

Being a mother may be challenging, and being a mother entrepreneur can be much more so! However, with careful preparation and time management, you may achieve and maintain the success that you desire. You can better match your initiatives with your priorities if you know what actually matters to you at this moment in your life. That way, you may devote 100% of your time to what you enjoy.

Take a step back the next time you’re at your wit’s end attempting to balance your business with other obligations. The authors for the book, Moms Mean Business, recommend to do something you enjoy while you’re stuck. Take some time for yourself and indulge in one of your favorite self-care habits. With a clear, relaxed mind, you’ll be better able to reflect on your position.

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