Do you think that Moms Mean Business?

Women are starting twice as many enterprises as males in the United States today, and many of these women are moms. These blinks are beneficial to all entrepreneurs, but they are especially beneficial to parent entrepreneurs. You’ll learn how to set your own goals rather than being shackled by someone else’s.

Erin Baebler’s book, Moms Mean Business: A Guide to Creating a Successful Company and Happy Life as a Mom Entrepreneur, will give you tips on how to budget your time despite the different problems that mom entrepreneurs face – and how to fit in all of your favorite activities.

On her journey to success, today’s business mother encounters a slew of obstacles. There’s no limit to the roles mothers are expected to juggle and execute to perfection: the great wife, the caring mother, the exceptional hostess, and the strong businesswoman.

Women quickly internalize such extreme societal pressure and become their worst critics. However, it’s pointless. Why put yourself under even more stress as a mom entrepreneur?

As a mom entrepreneur, you’ll need a business strategy that considers your specific requirements and circumstances. You only have so much time on your hands. And, in order to make good use of it, you must be able to distinguish between other people’s expectations and the things that are truly important to you.

Make a list of the top five things that are important to you. Independence, honesty, and authenticity, for example, could be your values or things you strive to. Motivators, or the things that motivate you to get out of bed each day, are also important. These could be your children, a sense of independence, or the ability to assist others. Whether it’s tackling tough math problems or going trekking, your passions deserve a place on our list.

Take a peek at your to-do list now. These top five priorities should take up the majority of your time and attention. But can you actually pull it off? All too often, women sacrifice their time to do things that aren’t actually important to them, such as keeping the house clean. This is the effect of excessive self-discipline. You’ll feel this strain ease almost instantly as you recognize that your priorities are elsewhere.

When you hear the word “success,” what comes to mind? Do you have visions of wealth or power? Do you picture yourself as the up-and-coming businessperson you’ve always admired? If that’s the case, it’s time to lay those fantasies to rest. Create a vision of achievement that is relevant to your life. This kind of success is long-term and feels truly rewarding.

Many women fantasize about climbing the corporate ladder, traveling frequently, and returning home to a lovely house and car before becoming mothers. However, if women haven’t achieved this after becoming a mother, they are frequently frustrated, resentful, and even angry.

The truth is that becoming a mother has a significant impact on your life. You might not have the energy or time to work for 10 hours straight as you formerly did. But what does it matter? That doesn’t rule out the possibility of success. The key is to set a goal that is linked with your top five priorities right now, rather than 10 years ago.

Perhaps you enjoyed working out prior to being pregnant and took great pride in your bench press strength. You’re ready to resume working out now that your child is six months old. However, after a week at the gym, you discover you just don’t have the energy.

Take another look at your top five before you start berating yourself. Is looking incredibly fit and toned actually one of your top priorities? Most likely not. Realizing this will eliminate any unneeded guilt feelings. You’ll have more time to focus on what you truly value if you keep your priorities in check.

Time is the most valuable and scarce resource we have as mothers. Despite this, it appears that we only ever lose sight of it. But it doesn’t have to be like this! To efficiently manage your time, use your priorities as a guide.

It’s time to get back to basics: get a physical calendar and begin considering time like money. Each day provides you with 24 hours to spend. So, how are you planning to spend it? Sleep, chores, cooking, babysitting, and romantic time should all be scheduled ahead of time. Block off all time slots on the schedule for normal family activities including morning routines, soccer practice, and homework assistance.

Next, list your non-negotiable responsibilities, such as work hours, time with your partner, and vacation time. Take a peek at what’s left now. You have this time to divide between your company and yourself. Keep your top five close at hand and start filling in the blanks on your schedule.

There are a few things to keep in mind while scheduling your time periods. The first is that one’s energy level varies throughout the day. So, if you’re generally drowsy in the afternoon, don’t try to schedule laborious tasks then! You’ll be glad you did it later.

Second, try to be honest with yourself about when you need to take a break. You should never feel bad about needing to unwind! It’s a proven fact that having enough downtime will make you more productive later on. So make some time to relax and reward yourself by doing something you enjoy.

Finally, keep in mind that life will always come in the way. Unexpected setbacks, whether they’re a sick child or a minor mishap, can be aggravating. Make room for them to help you deal with them better. How? By cramming a lot of stuff into your schedule. Schedule your workouts for six times a week if you wish to work out four times a week. If something comes up, you can always go to the gym during the next time window you’ve set aside.

Burnout is a real thing. Perhaps you’ve even witnessed it firsthand. If you want to avoid it, there’s one thing you need to schedule time for between your kids, career, relationship, and business: self-care rituals. You participate in these things because you enjoy them. But what if you simply don’t have time for yourself? You do, in a nutshell. It’s all about being strategic with your time management.

By booking twofers, you can kill two birds with one stone. A twofer is when two self-care practices are combined to give you double the pleasure in half the time. You could go for a run while watching your favorite Netflix show.

You might also compile a list of the things that bring you joy. Keep this list on hand so you’ll know what to do with an unexpected free spot. Even small things like a half-hour nap or a cup of ayurvedic tea can help you feel better faster than you think! Make time for more self-care rituals once you’ve found time for a few during the week. But what if all of your spaces are taken?

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