Why you should make yourself believe that you are a badass?

Please take a moment to respond to the following questions: What keeps you in your current position? How did you decide on your college major? Why don’t you devote your entire time to your favorite pastimes? “The job earns enough money,” you probably said in response to the first inquiry. “My parents advised me to seek a career in X,” says the second. “Hobbies all the time?” says the third. That would be self-centered!”

These responses show the flaws in many of our life decisions. We do what others tell us to do or what we believe we “should” do. What you really want is rarely taken into account. This has to be changed.

You must begin to live for yourself and do what you enjoy! While it may seem unachievable at this point, Jen Sincero’s book “You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life” will show you how to become a badass.

If you believe you’re an undiscovered genius stuck in a dead-end career, you should ask yourself, “What’s holding me back?” It’s most likely you – or, more specifically, your unfavorable self-perceptions.

The truth is that most of what we believe about ourselves is based on messages we’ve been inundated with since we were children. These messages are ingrained in your mind’s subconscious. For example, your parents may have informed you that no one in the family has ever been adept at making money. The more times you hear this message, the more likely your subconscious and thus you will come to the conclusion that you can’t make money.

What’s the end result? Even while you may desire to accomplish these things, you will avoid endeavors that could lead to financial success, like as learning about investment strategies or completing an MBA. That is the subconscious mind’s strength.

Let me give you another example. Say you want to discover and marry your soul mate, but your subconscious mind associates intimacy with pain and suffering since you grew up with two parents who were constantly bickering and emotionally abusing one other. As a result, you’re still alone and unhappy.

The negative things you subconsciously believe about yourself and the world keep you in a coma-like state. It’ll be known as the Big Snooze. The Big Snooze is like an overprotective mother who doesn’t want you to leave the house; she wants you to stay with her, secure from the perils that lurk outside. There’s nothing wrong with her motives right now. They are, nevertheless, wholly founded on dread.

Fortunately, you’re more than capable of breaking free from the Big Snooze’s shackles. How? Giving oneself a big loving pat on the back is the first step. We have an instinctive sense of who we are and how to do things when we are young. We play and love without inhibitions or concern for what others may think of us. As we become older, though, we stop listening to our inner guidance and begin to do what others urge us to do.

As a result, we frequently find ourselves in less-than-ideal situations, working jobs that make us unhappy, and persisting in relationships that make us unhappy. Starting to love yourself is the first step toward getting out of this rut. You should shower yourself with love and affirmations every day. Make up your own mantras, such as “I am attractive and intelligent,” “There is nothing I can’t do,” or “The universe is great, and so am I.” Recite these mantras in your brain whenever you have a spare moment, whether you’re waiting in line at the store or driving to work. Put them on Post-it notes all over your house so you’ll be reminded of how awesome you are all the time.

You should also put an end to comparing yourself to others right now. Imagine Marilyn Monroe comparing herself to Kate Moss and concluding that she needed to go on a diet and lose her lovely body. Or if the members of Led Zeppelin compared themselves to Mozart and chose to hire a harpsichordist in place of their drummer. It would have been a complete disaster! As a result, never compare yourself to others. Full Stop.

You’ll be less fearful of the things you actually want to do if you create a more loving relationship with yourself. You’ll also be on your way to overcome another major stumbling block to happiness: what others think of you. Consider how frequently you let your actions be dictated by what others think of you. Perhaps you aspire to be an author. You’ll have to write a lot to accomplish this! This, in turn, necessitates carving out time while working a part-time job to help pay the bills.

Colleagues may now make jokes about your “passion.” As you spend less time with them and more time on your magnum opus, your friends may slip away. These modifications can be painful, but if you want to be published, you must persevere. You’ll find the strength to overlook others’ disapproval if you start enjoying that you’re doing your own thing.

Do you believe in the existence of a God? Even if they are not religious, the majority of individuals believe in a greater power or energy. It makes no difference what you name it: God, spirit, the Force, gut instinct, intuition, or the zone. What matters is that you understand the existence of an infinite force, or energy, that exists outside of yourself and unites us all.

Let’s call it Source Energy for now. This energy pervades the entire cosmos and everything in it, and it is all around you. It does not, however, vibrate at the same frequency everywhere. You vibrate at a certain frequency, and everything you desire in life vibrates at the same frequency. Things that vibrate at the same frequency are attracted to each other.

The law of attraction is another name for this. As a result, whether we’re jealous, scared, or pessimistic, we vibrate at a low frequency, drawing more of the same bad energy. But here’s the good news: you can attract the things you want in life by learning how to improve your vibrational frequency.

This is why mastering the art of tapping into the infinite Source Energy is so crucial. You won’t be able to elevate your energy sufficiently to attract the things you want if you don’t have it. So, from now on, make it a high priority to tap into it.

If all of this seems too hard, there is a simple and efficient approach to bring Source Energy into your life: meditation. Meditation – that is, sitting motionless and letting go of thoughts – is both simple and very difficult, as anyone who has tried it knows. Meditation not only relaxes the body and relieves stress, but it also makes us notice how crowded our minds are with unimportant thoughts.

If you sit down to meditate for only a few minutes, you’ll discover that the majority of your thoughts are as concentrated and constructive as two children fighting over a toy. You can progressively learn to clear your thoughts and enable the Source Energy to flow through you by adopting a meditation practice.

Here’s a basic primer on meditation. Cross your legs and place your hands in your lap while sitting in a chair or on some floor cushions. As you inhale and exhale, close your eyes and concentrate on your breath. There’s no need to take any particular breaths. Simply follow your breath in and out. When a thought comes to mind, gently let it go and return your focus to your breathing.

That’s all there is to it. What matters is that you keep doing it every day. You’ll notice that you have a lot more energy in your life very quickly.

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One comment

  1. This is an excellent post! I’ve written before about shunning the “shoulds”, those unwritten societal roles and ingrained pressures we face about what we “should” be doing, how we “should” act/think/feel/look, the jobs we “should” go for, the hobbies we “should” have etc etc.

    I like this – “Giving oneself a big loving pat on the back is the first step.” Absolutely agree. We have to appreciate ourselves and feel worth looking after if we’re going to find our own path to walk.

    Really well written and very encouraging!

    Caz xx


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