Have you been depressed on your birthday?

Birthday blues, also known as “birthday depression,” is characterized by general sadness or depression on one’s birthday. It’s strange because birthday parties are meant to be a fun event where people get together to celebrate and have a nice time. Birthdays are, after all, associated with cakes, gifts, and presents. But why do some people have an unhappy birthday?

According to psychologists, feeling sad as a birthday approaches is normal. It’s not the same as the kind of depression that lasts a long time. There may be a variety of explanations why someone is depressed on their birthday. Here are a few of them.

Some people don’t have a large circle of friends or relatives. Or they may have a large number of “true friends”, people who don’t care enough for them to rally around them on their birthday. Since they have no one to celebrate their birthdays with, they can suffer from birthday blues.

Birthdays serve as a reminder that we are growing older. Despite the fact that we may feel the same as we did yesterday, today is the official day that we turn one year older. Big anniversaries like 30, 40, and 50 will emphasize how quickly time is running out.

Birthday depression is frequently caused by unmet expectations from the previous year. On a birthday, it can be difficult to deal with the feeling that you are not where you should be in life. Furthermore, nostalgia will exacerbate feelings of birthday sadness. For example, if your current condition does not fit the level of happiness you remember from your childhood.

It used to be simple to commemorate the passing of our birth in a non-obtrusive manner. But now that we have social media, it seems that everybody else is having a great time on their birthday. It can make us feel as if our option of celebration is inadequate.

There is no manual on how one should feel or act on one’s birthday. It’s your birthday; you can celebrate it however you want and feel whatever way you want. At the end of the day, how we see it is up to us; if it’s a happy or sad birthday, it’s still another year worth living. Another cause of birthday blues is that the individual is unhappy about becoming another year older; they are frustrated that their life goals have not been met.

But knowing all of this, what could you do? Well, perhaps a couple things.

Be thankful that your birthday will be celebrated. For starters, not everybody gets to celebrate their birthday – consider those who are suffering from a life-threatening illness. Positive thought is always a good way to start the day, whether it’s your birthday or not. Focus on your accomplishments from the previous year; savor those moments that make you proud of yourself.

Find the most appropriate way to commemorate your birthday. Birthdays are days when being a little selfish is acceptable. Your birthday can be whatever you want it to be; prepare and celebrate it however you want. However, avoid the pit of overplanning. You may spend time with family and friends or just be alone to commemorate the occasion. We recover our own happiness and give ourselves a wonderful birthday treat when we take responsibility for our own happiness on our birthday.

It’s important to keep your aspirations in check and to be realistic about what you should expect from your birthday. Take care of your happiness and take responsibility for it. Also, note to treat yourself with kindness and compassion. Create a fitness routine that works for you, and if you discover that something doesn’t work for you, take a step back and refine your plans.

Your birthday is an excellent opportunity to focus on yourself in a profound and meaningful way about the past year. Identify the things you’ve learned as you’ve gotten older. Concentrate on your accomplishments. Count your big and small achievements, focus on the life lessons you’ve learned, and be proud of your talents and strengths.

So in conclusion, it’s your birthday and so be happy. It’s a special day for you.

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