What else can you do to thrive in the modern world?

All in the world is full of wonder when we’re kids – flowers, kittens, even our grandmother’s old hats. However, as we get older, these things become more mundane, and life loses its enchantment. In today’s hyperconnected world, this is particularly true. We live in a world where technology helps us to communicate with others, but it still prevents us from communicating with ourselves.

Consider how we’ve become enslaved to our smartphones and screens at the detriment of spending time in nature or engaging with art, two of humanity’s most powerful sources of existential awe. Another disadvantage to our always-connected lifestyle is that it can keep us from experiencing serendipity and surprise.

Consider social media sites like Facebook, which personalize our interactions by displaying content based on what we already like using complex algorithms. This really keeps us from having to deal with the unexpected.

Serendipity, on the other hand, is incredibly significant in our lives because it shows the deeper logic that governs our universe. This gives us a feeling of awe, which helps us find meaning in our lives.

Giving feels wonderful, as anyone who has ever given anyone a birthday present knows. Giving is, in truth, a wonderful feeling. Giving to others helps us feel better for ourselves, which makes us feel happier. It’s beneficial to both the giver and the recipient.

That’s why, in times of need, most of us instinctively offer to others. Giving helps us feel more linked to others, which makes us feel happier and better during these difficult times. While most people are encouraged to donate only when a disaster strikes, such as a hurricane or a tsunami, there are many other opportunities to give to others and to display kindness and compassion in our daily lives.

And if you’re still not sure about the many advantages of redefining performance, keep reading! Thriving not only benefits your personal life, but it also benefits your professional life.

Taking care of your health, finding knowledge, cultivating wonder, and giving back to others will help you to succeed, as you already know. But what stops most of us from taking this route? To begin with, the majority of us are always on the move. We sprint from one position to the next, not pausing to consider what is going on around us. When we just think about success in terms of money and power, it’s easy to fall into this trap.

In addition, rushing causes us to feel anxious about time, a condition known as time famine. When we are in a time crunch, we neglect our responsibilities to ourselves and put our own needs last. We forget that the only reason we ever desired power and wealth was to feel good about ourselves. So, why aren’t we feeling better yet?

Time famine also prevents us from accessing knowledge because it convinces us that pausing to consider what is going on in our lives is a waste of time. As a result, we run through life without thinking about the larger picture.

Another aspect that keeps us from succeeding is the belief that we must be available for work at all times, as this may cause us to lose focus on what is really important. Technology allows us to stay in touch with people all over the world at all times. It’s a wonderful gift, but it makes it difficult to concentrate and think.

Take into account that the average female checks her phone 150 times a day. If she’s constantly checking her screen, how can she really focus on something, let alone tap into the wisdom and wonder of the universe?

If you’re still afraid to take these steps because you believe you’ll have to sacrifice success, don’t worry; this isn’t the case. Taking care of your health will, in reality, increase your productivity. That’s because sleep (a big factor in your overall well-being, as previously stated) boosts your productivity by a factor of ten. This was proven by a Stanford study, which found that athletes on the swim team performed better when they slept well the night before.

Meditation, like sleep, will significantly improve your well-being and therefore your efficiency. Meditation, according to studies, greatly enhances the ability to concentrate on a mission. Is it any surprise, then, that many extremely successful people, including Oprah Winfrey and the author herself, meditate on a regular basis?

Giving back does a lot of good, as we’ve already discussed, but did you know that helping others can also improve your work performance? In reality, research suggests that people who are more generous in general perform better at work: the most successful salespeople are more likely to assist both their customers and their coworkers. Engineers, likewise, are more active when they support their coworkers.

Consider Starbucks as an example of how kindness can affect a business. CEO Howard Schultz has focused on offering healthcare benefits to all employees, including part-timers, throughout the company’s existence. Schultz declined to give in to investor requests to slash healthcare costs even though the company was in financial trouble. Employee loyalty was increased as a result of this strategy, and the company’s reputation was enhanced. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz built a win-win situation that allowed his business to prosper rather than just succeed. You should do the same in your own life.

We must make room for well-being, knowledge, wonder, and giving back if we are to succeed. To do so, we must redefine success and reclaim ownership of our over-connected, over-scheduled lives. This will help us to increase our fitness, happiness, and even productivity.

So give it a shot. Make time in your day for a ten-minute meditation session. Every day, sit down for ten minutes and try to calm your mind by concentrating solely on your breathing. By incorporating this one easy activity into your everyday routine, you would be able to alleviate stress and boost your ability to concentrate on a variety of tasks.

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