What is the difference between motivation and willpower?

Every day, we set all forms of targets for ourselves. Do you know, however, that the majority of the goals we set for ourselves remain only dreams? How many times have you not accomplish your new year’s resolutions? Yet, if we are to accomplish the life we have always desired, priorities are necessary.

Objectives make our lives worth living. Even in the toughest of days, it’s because of the priorities that we keep going. We merely wander about and accomplish nothing without having targets to strive towards. You hit what you’re aiming at, and if you’re not aiming at something, you’ll hit it all the time.

It is a long and winding journey in the achievement of objectives. In interjecting our goals, life is very successful. We are all able to set targets, but do we all have what it takes to accomplish them? Setting goals is just the first step to making the improvements in our lives that we want. We need skills that will support our achievement of goals in addition to setting these potentially life-changing goals. So do you need motivation or will power to further accomplish these goals? Let’s take a look.

You may face difficulties and challenges as you embark on the pursuit of a significant target, which will cause you to abandon the pursuit. It is not possible to underestimate the need to sustain the momentum to ensure the achievement of your objectives. This is when it comes to inspiration. Engagement, commitment, and enthusiasm suffer in the absence of inspiration. Without inspiration, achieving your objectives is like driving a car without petrol.

The energy that pushes you to achieve your goals is motivation. You need the drive to remain on track no matter what target you are seeking. Is your aim to raise good, well-adjusted kids who are going to be active members of society? Motivation you need. Are you a second or third degree student? You’ve got to be inspired. Have a chronic illness just been diagnosed and are you ready to beat it and live a full life? Motivation you need. Are you aiming to climb to the highest level of your profession? You guessed correctly. Motivation you need.

The drive to achieve the purpose must be sustained in the process if you want to accomplish your goal: this is motivation. Motivation allows you to keep focused. You are bombarded every day with things that are vying for your attention. Motivation encourages you to forget the noises and focus on the most important target. Motivation will help you be consistent as well. In the pursuit of your objectives, there are days when you can encounter obstacles. Often, there will be days when you simply don’t feel like doing something. What about the days when doubts are about to set in?

Willpower is to do something that does not come naturally by self-discipline and self-control. Willpower allows one to postpone gratification; for the sake of long-term objectives, avoid short-term temptations.

Have you met special individuals who, despite the challenges they face, have an insatiable drive and strength to persist? They can fight the temptation to taste the tasty sweetness and nothing is going to stand in their way of weight loss. They’re going to stay up all night to crack down on the job everyone else gave up on. These individuals do seem to have no limits and no weaknesses. Huh? Right? Incorrect! With their share of worries, doubts, shortcomings, and failures, these people are ordinary individuals. They have learned to overcome their limitations, however. Every disappointment or obstacle standing in their path would be trampled by their endurance.

Motivation drives your willpower, without which you can not travel to your objectives on the winding road. So set your sights on your target (motivation), and you will find the inner strength (willpower) to achieve your destination to fight through.

And remember that you can’t develop habits by getting inspired. Habits require repetition and consistency, and you are unlikely to ever establish the habits that will bring you long-term success in your pursuits when your exercise routine is based on hearing a rousing voice, listening to a funky rhythm, or getting inspired in other ways. Motivation is not accurate because it is focused on how you feel, and for centuries we have understood that human emotions are wacky and unforeseeable.

Then, as much as you can, aim to increase your motivation. Where you do not proceed with self-motivation, you use the force of your will. And if you want to lead a happy and healthy life, this skill is totally necessary. So keep training both of them up.

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