Each Experience is Valuable; No Experience is a Waste

I thought that his was a pretty good post from Ihagh. Do we learn from our experiences though?

Motivation & Environment

No experience is a waste. There is no task, no job, no obstacle or challenge that is useless if we see how it fits into your calling. Every sorrow, every joy, every defeat, and every success leads to general advancement—yes, all things work together for good! If we can sit back and learn a lesson or two from every setback and progress, we will come to the realization that each person’s story can make anybody at least a bit wiser in this university of life.

There is Value Below the Surface of Each Experience

Taking a look back, I realize how, at times, it was difficult and frustrating to do a certain task, or to experience a certain challenge, especially if I had affinity for something tied to it; I felt like I was being held back, but later or much later on in the future, I came to realize…

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