What is the difference between emerald and tsavorite?

If you’re interested in a green gemstone, you’ll discover that there are many that all offer different advantages. . I certainly am for the simple reason that my favourite colour is green! Let’s look at the benefits of emerald vs. tsavorite which share some similarities.

Among the two gems Emerald is more common, and for good reason. His name and elegance are known immediately around the world. Smerald is also one of the ‘big three’ of colored gems along with sapphire and ruby; a term that emphasizes the importance and demand for these precious jewels. So it is no surprise that an emerald of decent quality can be very costly.

While tsavorite resembles the emerald, it is in reality an expensive (grossular) type of garnet. This gem can not be found anywhere on earth except in East Africa; the primary sources are Kenya’s Taita and the Arusha region in Tanzania. This aspect makes tsavorite far rarer than emeralds. It also has a decent refractive index which means it will have a considerably high brilliance. Unlike an emerald, tsavorite has no gemstone cleavage; when struck hard, this property results in a breakage. Overall, it does provide a decent value for money.

Tsavorite has little interest, mainly because many people are still not aware of their presence. However, it’s being celebrated by jewelry world collectors and connoisseurs. So if you’re looking for a better alternative to an emerald that’s stunning, long-lasting, and doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet, then tsavorite would surely be a great buy.

Emeralds are renowned for their distinctive hue but not for their brightness or fire. While in their own way they are impressive, they can appear to look subdued. This is particularly evident when matching the diamonds with the emeralds.

Tsavorites have a higher reflective index (RI) than emeralds and have higher clarity as a result. Tsavorite also has one of the highest dispersion levels of all colored gems, meaning it’s got more energy. When paired with diamonds, tsavorites can hold their own in terms of sparkle and fire.

Look always at the 4Cs when assessing the worth of any precious stone – cut, colour, clarity and carat.

When considering its colour, it is important to consider the hue, tone and saturation of the gemstone. Under-saturation results in light colored stones, while over-saturation makes the tsavorite dark and turbid. Look for a gemstone with a bright color and a balanced tone in it.

While tsavorites are present in any shade of green, vibrant green stones with perfect saturation for even color distribution are the most desirable ones. They are neither too light nor too dark.

Tsavorites are a Type 2 gemstone, meaning that it is classed as being usually included. Common inclusions are miniscule feathers, crystals and needle-like impurities. Because the stone is transparent, inclusions within the stone can easily be seen by the naked eye.

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