Should you go all-in in life?

Anyone who has been around a card table knows that going “all-in” in a game of poker is a risky move. You might win the round and take home the pot, but you could also lose everything you have.

Luckily, going all-in in life is a little bit less risky. When applying the 10X rule, going all-in just means investing effort, energy and ideas to reach your goal.

First, you need to identify goals that are big enough for you to be motivated to achieve them. To do so, begin by picking objectives that are out of your reach and go all-in to realize them.

But going all-in also means thinking outside the box to come up with solutions. After all, if you’ve chosen appropriate goals, the problems you’ll face will be immense. Problems of this magnitude often crush other people who try to overcome them. You’ll need to be clever, using every last drop of your effort and energy, to succeed. Whatever you do, don’t follow in the footsteps of those who have failed.

To succeed against such odds, you have to be obsessed with your goals; they have to dominate your thoughts and become your mission.

This is another context in which kids can be great role models. Children are obsessed with every new thing they encounter, devoting their full energy to their new object or activity of interest. To succeed, you’ll need to do the same thing.

When others see how obsessed you are, they’ll be prepared to follow you on your journey to realize your wildly ambitious goals. On the other hand, if you fail to show this devotion, they’ll be unlikely to believe in your optimism.

So, obsession with your goals is a crucial factor, but it’s just as important to avoid obsessing over failures and to shy away from excuses. That is to say, you should only be obsessed with doing things right and not worry about when they go wrong.

Living by the 10X rule means remembering that you always have to keep growing. After all, the road to success is paved with growth and it’s better to fail while fighting than while retreating.

So, to keep your eyes on the prize, it’s important to shake off outside influences that seek to control your actions; instead, keep pushing for the goals you want to attain.

For instance, in failing economies, people tend to panic and scramble to move their assets to safe havens. But you don’t have to worry about what other people are experiencing, just about achieving your own goals.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that overexposure is nothing to fear. You might be worried that pushing ahead time after time will bore people or make them feel annoyed by you and your company. But the simple truth is that overexposure is far better than obscurity.

Just consider Coca-Cola or Facebook – has overexposure hurt them?

And finally, to truly be successful, you need to seize control of your workday and your feelings. Many people have concerns about time management and time, of course, is limited. However, the real question isn’t which one of any two given options you can accomplish, but rather how you can foster a mindset that makes everything possible.

The only workable strategy here is to strive to accomplish more in less time. Keep a close eye on how much time you have, then work harder and budget your time more effectively.

In this way, the structure of your workday is critical, but so are your feelings. Emotions like fear and pride can hold you back; being scared of risk can prevent you from reaching your goals and too much pride can make you averse to constructive feedback.

So, when faced with such feelings, remember that it’s your job to remain in control and keep marching toward your goal.

Now you know just about everything you need to apply the 10X rule to your life. There’s just one last thing to figure out: how will you choose your goal?

Well, what you definitely shouldn’t do is follow in the footsteps of others who simply adopt the targets imposed upon them by their social context.

Take the concept of customer satisfaction as an example. Even though people are constantly told that satisfied customers are of the utmost importance, most companies don’t have enough customers in the first place; their real target should be to increase their customer base.

Not only that, but with the 10X mindset, you don’t need to live in fear of poor customer satisfaction because you’ll always deliver above and beyond people’s expectations. As a result, you can focus your energy on finding new customers.

In fact, truly successful brands like Google and Apple always put customer acquisition before customer satisfaction. They know that the more people they get talking about their brand, the further they’ll reach.

And keep in mind that feedback from a customer, even if negative, is always valuable, as it shows you how you can improve.

Another target that’s good to keep in focus is name recognition. You should consider your name your most valuable asset and make it synonymous with what you stand for.

For instance, when people think of mp3 players, they think of Apple; when they think of app-based mobility services, they think of Uber. So, do as these successful companies have done and proudly advertise what you have to offer.

Then, once you’ve set your sights, jump into action. Simply list your goals, outline what you need to do next and give it everything you’ve got.

If your goal is to sell 100,000 units of your product, you should consider exactly how to get there. Do you need to increase your marketing budget, or should you develop a great advertising strategy?

After you write this list, you can keep checking on it and adapting it based on what works and what doesn’t.

The 10X rule is about shifting your goals and your focus to reach beyond what you thought possible and accomplish much more. With a 10X mindset, you’ll think bigger, work harder, show greater commitment and be more inspired to reach targets that once seemed unthinkable. Try it out!

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