Have you used FaceApp?

Have you seen the older version of your friend or a celebrity on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram recently? Or recently posted one of yours with saggy skin and under-eye bags showing people the glimpse of your older version?

If yes, you must be flooded with comments from your friends and even you must have commented on many.

This magic of getting old, swapping is happening due to an exciting feature of an AI-enabled face changer app, FaceApp. A new trend making everyone on social media crazy about a new challenge that makes them look old, really old.

FaceApp which is amalgamated with the power of Artificial intelligence and neural engines create realistic photos of anyone using it by changing their gender, making them younger/older, or increasing their smile.

The best thing about the app is, it is free though some of its features are sealed behind a paywall but you can unseal them by paying extra.

Among all these coolness and craziness, you must be wondering how this application is delivering such a near realistic picture of your older version?

If yes, tighten up your belt, take a warm cup of coffee and start reading why people are making a fuss about it.

Let’s talk about FaceApp– an app that earned a 4.7 rating on App Store along with handsome 80 million active users.

But before talking about FaceApp, let us first figure out how FaceApp is competing with other well-known apps and taking its fair share in the market.

Face Changing Apps ruling the market

Snapchat has taken the first place on the list that actually started all this. It is one of the most popular apps among youth and its face swapping is its USP as compared to other features. You can achieve face swapping in Snapchat by selecting the lenses first.

Face Swap
How can If you want to swap faces and nothing else, you might want to give Face Swap a try. Though it lacks a number of desirable features but its face swapping is just the best.

Besides that, it offered both manual detection and auto-detection of faces to be swapped. And the most interesting feature of this app is its simplicity and lightweight user interface giving you a hassle-free experience.

Lip Swap
Unlike other applications available in the market, Lip Swap offer to swap specific parts of the face. The app comes up with limited features and ideas while restricting the filters you could use.

Though it showed up with limited features, it is highly liked by users to take a break from regular face changing mobile applications.

Face Swap Booth
If you are confused about how can I put my face on another pic then Face Swap Booth is the app you are looking for. It is an app solely about swapping faces. It allows you to swap faces with any celebrities and friends along with letting you swap with other photos already stored on your device.

Face Swap Live
It is one of the most popular face swapping app letting you swap faces with anyone in real-time and also lets you swap faces with famous celebrities. Furthermore, the app that changes your face shows up with many filters to enhance your selfies.

As we are done with a few of the famous best face-changer app for both iPhone and Android, let us find out what FaceApp is all about and how it is becoming a talk of the town-

What is FaceApp?

App That Lets You Put Faces On Pictures

App That Lets You Put Faces On Pictures

Launched for iOS in January 2017 and on Android in February 2017, FaceApp is a mobile application developed by the Russian company Wireless Lab. It is the brainchild of a founder and CEO Yaroslav Goncharov.

FaceApp is basically a photo-morphing app that uses neural face transformations with AI to make hilarious, weird and creepy and many times fascinating modifications to faces.

While using the app, you can either snap a photo within the app or the app can use photos from your photo library.

Founder and CEO Yaroslav Goncharov who told Tech Crunch “We developed a new technology that uses neural networks to modify a face on any photo while keeping it photorealistic. For example, it can add a smile, change gender and age, or just make you more attractive,”
Let us check out its features to understand why it is the talk of the town-

Trending FaceApp filters

Age Filter
When one question what is faceapp’s AI ageing filter, answer them by saying it is the foremost FaceApp filters earned popularity overnight not even leaving celebrities to try it.

By using this filter, users can easily manipulate their age and can witness their future selves or see how would they look in the coming 30–40 years on the mobile screen. One can also see how someone would have appeared in their younger days. The younger images are not that satisfactory as one already knows how they used to look in the younger days.

The age filter is spreading like a wave of change, making people see how they will look in 50 years from now. a trend liked by millions showcasing a ripple effect entered in the market through #AgeChallenege and #FaceAppChallenge hashtags on social media.

It seems apart from using the age filter on oneself, people are using the filter on other pictures also.

Hairstyle Filter
With FaceApp hairstyle filter, one can try out different hairstyles on pictures and see the amusing, hilarious or charismatic outcome.

Smile Filter

With its smile filter, users get the opportunity to customize their smile while deciding how wider smiles they want for posting.

Gender Swap Filter
It’s male to female photo changing filter has been majorly used by the people ultimately proving its growing popularity.

As the name suggests, with it, one can discover the other side of their own self.

Skin Tone Lightning Filter
Last but not least, with Skin Tone Lightning Filter, one can lighten up their skin tone as per the need.

These are a few of the filters of FaceApp, earner overnight popularity in the market taking a lead among various best face changer apps in the market.

How does FaceApp work

Once opening the app, you will be required to either click a selfie or pick a picture from the gallery and then apply the filter on it.

The app uses the power of artificial intelligence and neural networks and itself guesses where you will wrinkle along with seeing which part of your face will sag with time and how your hairline will look like when you grow old.

The example is-

Just like the Prisma app, FaceApp uses server-side technologies for adding filters on the photos and uploads them on its server.

The FaceApp has not disclosed its tech stacks, there are few frameworks and tools that our AI mobility experts believe are behind the sensational and viral features of it.

Tech stack might behind FaceApp

The application is based on Artificial intelligence and there are higher chances of using top programming language Python used for server-side development.

Apple API
FaceApp uses an API introduced in iOS 11, making it easy for the mobile app developers to give users an option to select an image from the system dialogue for further processing.

When it comes to frontend development, it is expected that FaceApp might rely on Swift for its existence on the iOS platform whereas Kotlin/Java might be used for building its Android version.

OpenCV or OpenGL
Either any of these libraries might be considered for FaceApp’s tech stack as real time processing is performed on images.

Offering these filters and features, there is no denying FaceApp is proving its mettle in the market. While it looks harmless and quite entertaining at first, there is a lot of growing concern over the app. A few of them are-

  • One of the major security concern is that FaceApp could use the content uploaded by users and can it use for commercial purposes who agreed to its terms and conditions.
  • After submitting the photo on FaceApp, it is processed and stored on its server. There is no clarity or further explanation of what happens to the image after that.
  • Users have sensed that AI-face editor application claims to pick one image at a time but it secretly accesses the whole gallery and other folders on the mobile phone.

Together when combined, all these factors along with users questioning is FaceApp safe to use, the app is waving a flag of red alert and sowing the seeds of rooting doubts in the mind of the users.

But to give a rest to queries like is FaceApp putting your online privacy at risk and other related issues and doubts, FaceApp has responded-

FaceApp has said that it does not upload all photos from the photo gallery of the user to its servers while adding that only the selected photo is uploaded.

Furthermore, the company also denied sharing any of the user’s data with any third-party or with Russia. FaceApp also confirmed that selected photos are stored in the cloud and most of them are deleted within 48 hours.

But among all these controversies and issues, FaceApp is embarking pretty smooth sailing in the market and set itself as the next billion company.

Original Post on: https://blog.usejournal.com/faceapp-everything-you-need-to-know-about-this-trendy-app-42fd7cdd1c7e

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