How to make your own hand sanitizer?

With the recent virus outbreak, I am totally peeved by those out there who are really profiteering from the whole situation. This is mainly directly at those retailers who have increased the prices by a couple fold. While I am a supporter for the laws of economics by come on, moving the price up by 5 times is pretty ridiculous. But demand drives up prices of goods in limited supply, I wanted to do something about it. One of those highly sought items now are hand sanitizers.

And to be fair I have been fairly dependent on them. Before my kiddo I had a “thing” (me and my “things”) against dirt, but oh my, how things changed once the kid entered the picture. Suddenly messes and dirt (and other unmentionables) stuck to my hair, clothes, skin, and house like cheese on a good grass-fed burger. The need to embrace dirt (not being dirty, just a few extra clingy good germs) became apparent.

Here’s the funny thing about dirt: the more I embraced it, the less we got sick. Now, please hear me out. I’m not talking about smothering our bodies in buckets of dirt and rubbing our hands on every public grocery cart in the store. Please don’t do that!

Instead, let’s avoid the constant urge to sanitize our living conditions with millions of toxins in a state of paranoia. Cleaning is good, very good! But a little bit of healthy dirt (allowing our kids to run around outside, garden, and get dirty every now and then) is wonderful for the immune system.

Before we throw away our soap and hand sanitizer (actually, yes, do that; homemade alternatives are so much better), I would like to tell you that I believe in cleanliness. I believe a good liquid hand soap is important to stock in the kitchen and bathroom, laundry soap has its rightful place, and body wash is mommy magic. I also believe hand sanitizer has a time and place: after handling money or touching the never washed grocery store carts.

For those times when good ol’ soap and water just aren’t available, and hands needs to be washed, I use a regular hand sanitizer but some of them actually dry the hands. So back to researching and here to share a recipe with you. This recipe is inspired by countless recipes across the web, made with a few simple ingredients.

Homemade DIY hand sanitizer
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes

  • 3 TB aloe vera
  • 2 TB witch hazel or rubbing alcohol, if using alcohol reduce to 1 TB
  • 1/2 tsp vitamin E oil
  • 16 drops tea tree essential oil
  • 8 drops lavender essential oil


Combine all the ingredients in a bowl. To use the hand sanitizer store in a small jar or a squeeze tube. This recipe will make about one small tube.

Stay healthy everyone and more importantly stay calm.

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