How to reinvent yourself?

There will always be times in our lives when we need to reinvent ourselves. They could come when we experience big changes, such as leaving our jobs, moving on from relationships, transferring to a new home or losing a loved one. If you are going through a major shift in your life, you may have to find new ways of thinking or doing things, or risk failing to reach your full potential.

Many people who dared to leave their old unhappy lives enabled themselves to pursue their passions and find a renewed zest for living. You can also achieve the same-only if take a leap of faith and make things happen for yourself.

To help you always be at your best wherever you may be in your life, here are some practical tips on how to reinvent yourself. Before embarking on a journey of self-reinvention, you need to make sure that you have everything that you need to make the trip bump-proof.

Problems and obstacles are guaranteed to happen. Some of them will be difficult and may knock you off course; the important thing, however, is that you learn from these difficulties, never lose focus and always get back up.

Humans are social beings. Although it is important that you learn to rely on yourself when facing any challenge, it is also important to have a support team that you can lean on to give you a boost when things get too tough and correct you when you’re making mistakes.

The key is to find the right balance between independence and dependence.

Develop a new image of yourself to serve as your guide to your new goal. Remember that you are actually pulling yourself away from your old comfort zones, habits, roles and self-perceptions. It can be as difficult as kicking a vice, but a new self-image will always remind you of why you’re trying to change.

Once you’re sure that you’re equipped with all the tools enumerated in the self-reinvention checklist, you can begin your journey of self-reinvention.

1. Find out What Your Strengths Are
This step provides valuable information on how you specifically deal with certain situations. If you have this information, you will be able to manage difficulties more efficiently.

To find out what your strengths are, you can ask your friends and colleagues for feedback.

2. Plan
This step calls for a thorough assessment of your current emotional, psychological and financial status so that you can develop plans that are realistic and practical.

It’s okay to have ambitious dreams but your plans have to be realistic. Making use of SMART Goal can help you plan your life better. You can also consult your mentor or life coach for practical tips and advice.

3. Try Things Out
Sometimes, we don’t know if solutions actually work until we try them out. This is why it is important to experiment whenever possible, especially if you’re dealing with a career change.

4. Manage Your Finances Well
Changes may require a bit of money. If you’re shifting to a new career, you may have to pay for training. If you’re going through a tough divorce or having a hard time dealing with the death of a loved one, you may have to pay for therapy. If you’re moving to a new home, you’ll definitely have to pay a whole lot of expenses.

5. Muster Your Courage
Fears and self-doubts may arise when we encounter difficulties and setbacks. Sometimes they may also come when we’re taking risks. You have to manage these negative emotions well and not allow them to discourage you. Learn how to deal with your self-doubts to move forward.

6. Use Your Support Group
As stated above, you need to build a strong support group before you even start the process of reinventing yourself. Your group will keep you from taking wrong turns and encourage you when you get too weighed down by problems.

7. Remind Yourself Every Day of Your Commitment
Write your goals in different-sized cards and scatter them at home and at work in places where you can easily see them. This way, you will constantly be reminded of where you want to be.

8. Accept Failure, Learn and Resume Your Journey
Failing is normal especially when we’re trying out something new. When you fail, simply recognize it, learn from it and move on.

If you truly want to reinvent yourself and live the life you desire, take the advice above and start taking actions. It will take time, patience, and plenty of effort to make the change you want happen; but it will be all worth it. No venture no gain. So make a start by trying!

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  1. Feeling stuck in life is a terrible place to be. When you are stuck, it feels like you are going around the same mountain over and over again. It also no matter what you do nothing will change for the better and you’ll be stuck in a pit forever. If we don’t change our outlook, being stuck in life can magnify fear, anxiety, worry and shame that we are already feeling. This can cause to be even more stuck than we already are. When life starts to feel like you are going no where, then its time for what I like to call “re- branding yourself.

    Whenever things aren’t going so good for me, I realize its time to stop and reevaluate whats really going on in my life.

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