How to open your mind to money making opportunities?

When you exchange money with someone, it’s not just a physical transaction; you’re also putting either good or bad energy into the universe. That’s why it’s important to make the right kinds of transactions to bring good fortune back your way.

You should always be aware of the kind of energy being created in these money situations and strive to keep all your dealings positive. You should also think of how you can channel this energy so it can continue to generate more good in the world.

For this to happen, you shouldn’t focus your energy on one single thing, but rather be open to all good possibilities.

By focusing on just one person or possibility, you’re blinding yourself to the infinite number of other opportunities that await and can provide more positive money.

It’s a lot like finding the man of your dreams. If you’re focusing all your attention on one guy, your happiness is therefore completely under his control, whether or not he decides to return your feelings. So instead, focus on recognizing the qualities of the person you’re looking for, and you’ll soon find there’s more than one guy out there who can bring you the positive love you’re looking for.

If you’re feeling like your anti-money beliefs are still too deep-seated to shake, here are some more ways you can break free.

One of the best ways to start thinking differently is to dive right in and take a bold move toward making your dreams come true.

Sincero’s dream was to be a successful life coach. To help her make that transition she had a choice of paying $15,000 for a group class or $85,000 to be taught by an experienced coach in one-on-one sessions.

She knew that one-on-one sessions would be far more rewarding, even though the cost was more than she made in a year. But she committed herself to finding a way to come up with the money. It was a big step, but it forced her to stop thinking “no way” and start thinking “there must be a way.”

Once you leap into the great unknown, there are bound to be lingering doubts and worries. But instead of ignoring them or letting fear take over, write them down as a way to acknowledge their power and move on.

Even when Sincero was standing in line, ready to sign up for the coaching lessons, she was bombarded with fears that she was making the wrong choice. These wobbles are usually irrational.

She worried that if she succeeded, her father would feel useless because he no longer had to help her out financially. You might have similar thoughts or believe it’s too late to change, but it’s all nonsense!

Any subconscious worries can be altered to create a new narrative for your success story.

Sincero imagined a new image of her dad being proud of her success and realized that in reality, he’d be happy that she was finally able to support herself.

You don’t necessarily have to pay for a therapist to change the narrative in your head. In fact, it’s best when you can prove to yourself that you have the power to think positively and control your own destiny.

Generally speaking, people don’t become rich unless they want to. So naturally, it’s important to tap into your desire for money if you want to start banking the Benjamins.

The key to unlocking that desire is to get specific about why you want money and how much of it you need. Then you can set solid goals for yourself.

A famous example of how well this can work comes from the actor Jim Carrey, who wrote a $10 million check to himself when he was broke and desperate for a job. Carrey dated the check three years in the future, and sure enough, this act sparked his motivation and his career.

By the time the date on the check arrived, he’d landed his biggest role yet in the movie Dumb and Dumber, which earned him enough money to cash that check.

A goal like this is effective because it’s specific. When you’re precise about the goal and how meaningful it is to you, it increases the likelihood of the goal becoming a reality.

Think of it as placing an order with the universe. Now, you wouldn’t place an order at a sandwich shop by saying, “One sandwich, please.” You have to tell them what kind of bread, whether you want mayo or mustard, and so on. This way, you’ll get what you want – and the same goes for getting what you want out of life.

Being specific also provides a great boost for your determination. A sandwich is great, but a sandwich with all your favorite ingredients in just the right proportions is what gets your mouth watering.

But being specific doesn’t mean limiting yourself. Remember to stay open to the surprises the universe has to offer. This concept is known as surrendering to universal intelligence.

Let’s say you’re a writer and you’ve set a goal for the month to find ten new publications that you’ve never sent samples to before. This is great, as long as it doesn’t blind you to what your old contacts may have to offer.

The world is full of opportunities and a true badass doesn’t let them slip by.

Many people have negative associations with money that keep them from their full earning potential. By adopting a positive outlook on life and opening yourself up to the universe, you’ll find that good things can happen, and wealth can be part of a harmonious, happy life. The universe wants to provide you with money, so take control and become a badass at making bank!

So start by trying to create a positive environment for yourself. If you decide to transform your financial reality, make sure you avoid all the naysayers and doubters and surround yourself with people who believe in your potential to realize your dreams. You should also spend time in places and doing activities that form your ideal life. If there’s a car you hope to buy in the future, take it for a test drive. If there’s a neighborhood you want to move to, spend time in its cafe’s and parks. Being in these environments is a great way to help keep you inspired and motivated.

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2 thoughts on “How to open your mind to money making opportunities?

  1. Hey noticed you’d like a couple of my posts recently so stopped by to check out your blog again.. see what you’ve been sharing. Great post, relate to this. So often I’ve thought I can’t do something because it’s too expensive then I remember times where I counted my self in and made a commitment to find a way. Sometimes we can’t see the way right away but if we just decide we’re going to remain open to a way showing up or figuring something out then we find a way.

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