Are you are a badass at making money?

Do you sometimes wish you had more money? Of course you do! Who doesn’t? Even so, most of us harbor negative emotions about money and the people who make it. All this negativity is keeping you from realizing your economic potential. That’s a shame because, as you’ll see in the book, You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero , you have the power to change your situation. All you need to do is get into the right mind-set and overcome the notions that are holding you back.

Money is a complicated subject. Some people love and obsess over it while others have come to despise the stuff. And while there are those who desire money, there are also those who feel ashamed over having so much of it.

Our culture has many negative beliefs about money, like it being the reason people turn into greedy and selfish monsters. But this is a myth.

Making money is what allows people to break free from financial constraints and use their time and energy for the things they care about. This is how philanthropists and activists are able to start charities and spread the word about important issues.

Often, our attitude to wealth will fluctuate between good and bad.

If you visit a friend who has an impressive widescreen TV, you might feel the desire to buy a similar TV. But then you might see a person you don’t like bragging about owning the exact same TV. In an instant, you feel disgusted with yourself for ever wanting such a pointless luxury item.

Another misguided belief about money is that if one person gets rich, it means someone else stays poor.

This idea stems from what’s known as a lack mind-set, which leads us to believe that there just aren’t enough dollars or resources to go around.

But think of it this way: If you eat a sandwich, do you think someone in another country is having their sandwich taken away?

No, the real scenario is that you eat your lunch to have the energy to work and create opportunities for others to do their job, thereby making it possible for them to afford their own sandwiches.

Sincero used to be plagued with negative ideas about money, and as a result, she wasted much of her youth with low-paying jobs such as catering, babysitting and knitting. But now she’s here to help you avoid wasting another minute and begin a healthy and lucrative relationship with money.

On its own, money isn’t good or bad – it’s a blank slate. It’s up to us to decide how money will be put to use – for good or evil.

Certainly, there weren’t any evil intentions when the concept of money was invented back in ancient times. People just wanted a better way of doing business than bartering, which had become a royal pain in the ass.

Back in the day, if you wanted a nice fur coat, you might have to build a stone wall. Or a nobleman could be asked to trade his daughters in exchange for a seaside castle.

Negotiations like these could take a lot of time and involve a lot of yelling; whereas with currency, if you wanted a camel, all you had to do was open up your change purse and pay for it.

So rather than being evil, it’s more accurate to recognize money as an efficient way to get things done.

Think of it this way: Are all cars evil because some people are filled with road rage and scream obscenities when they get behind the wheel? Are all computers inherently evil because some people use them to commit crimes?

It’s true that people around the world have done horrible things for money, but the blame should be placed with the individual perpetrators of these acts and not with the cash.

Here’s an exercise to help you disassociate money from evil, greedy characteristics.

Since these negative qualities are usually reserved for people, try writing two “Dear Money” letters, as if you were addressing a person – one that explains your negative feelings and one that explains at least a few positive feelings.

Once you’ve finished, read the letters out loud. At this point, you’ll realize that your negative feelings don’t hold up to logic, while the positive things all make sense.

To continue nurturing a positive attitude toward money, express your gratitude when you get paid and treat these occasions as the blessings they are.

Even though we’re taught to accept the things we see and hear as reality, the truth is far more complex.

Since our five senses are being processed by our brain, we’re creating an illusion – our own unique universe in which we constantly live. So it’s really important that our brains are processing things in a positive way and creating a prosperous universe.

At any given moment, we can interpret things as being either good or bad, and it’s easy to only view things negatively and get stuck in a bleak worldview.

So you might think to yourself, “I’ll never be able to afford a vacation, so why even bother trying to save up money. Screw it, let’s just waste it on junk food, at least that’ll make me happy for a little while.”

This kind of thinking can last a lifetime. Alternatively, you can start putting positive thoughts into your universe and experience opportunity and good fortune.

People who accomplish great things, like ascending a mountain in a wheelchair or escaping poverty, don’t do so by thinking negative thoughts. They change their situation by putting out positivity and grabbing opportunities when they happen.

This kind of attitude could change your financial situation, just as it did for the author.

Sincero once found herself in desperate need of money, so she thought about people she might reach out to. One person who came to mind was a client who’d once taken a coaching class she offered.

Over a year earlier he’d signed up for a basic offer at $25 per hour. Now, she thought, maybe he’d be interested in upgrading to the premium package at $300 per hour.

But when she opened up her email, there was already a message in her inbox from the very client she was thinking of, asking her how much she was charging these days!

It worked out because the positivity she was putting out allowed the universe to respond with the perfect solution.

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