How do you promote your social media profile on your blog?

So how can you connect your social profile with your blog? It’s simple. Promote your blog on your social media profile and vice versa. Out of all the content you share on social media, what you want people to notice most are your blog posts.

You can make it easier for people to follow and share your posts by adding sharing buttons. lets you set up multiple buttons for various social media platforms. lets you embed a link in blog posts, allowing readers to immediately tweet your content.

You should also promote your social media profile on your blog. In fact, you can embed your social media posts into the blog itself, and enable social media logins. By doing so, you allow people to sign up for your service by using their credentials from social media platforms.

Embedding social media links in websites has become very popular, with even traditional companies such as fine jeweler Tiffany & Co., using embedded links on its site.

You can also engage your followers by creating a mailing list, so people can subscribe to receive regular email posts and updates. This lets you reach people who may not be on social media.

Consider too joining a blogging network. A network is home to groups of bloggers who share each other’s blogs, and in doing so, amplify each member’s reach online.

For example, shares posts with people in your “tribe.” Tribe members in turn share your posts with their social networks. Through tribe members, it’s possible to reach millions of people!

Blogging networks can hugely boost your blog’s readership, so make use of them.

Social media is constantly developing. Today there are several new platforms that allow you to promote yourself in unique ways.

Let’s explore two of the most innovative developments in this field.

Ever wanted to broadcast your own television channel? Now you can with Google+ Hangout on Air (HOA).  An HOA is broadcast through your Google+ and YouTube channel, and afterwards is automatically archived to your YouTube channel.

The right equipment for a professional looking video is vital if you want your work to be watched by thousands of people! A proper webcam and microphone, as well as a good lighting setup, will make a world of difference.

You should also always plan out what you’re going to talk about during an HOA. And to increase views, advertise your HOA beforehand. You could do this by creating an event page with information about your program and presenters; announcing your upcoming video via your social media profiles and blog; or creating a trailer and sharing it!

Another exciting development is Twitter Chat. This is a live event in which a host tweets questions with a hashtag, and a guest responds with the same hashtag. Audience members can see the discussion by searching for the hashtag and can then chime in with comments.

However, if you want to participate in a Twitter chat, you should be able to type quickly. If you can’t, you might want to recruit a typist to enter your comments.

When you respond to a comment, always mention the person to whom you’re responding with an @ before his or her Twitter name. This way, the audience will know who you’re addressing.

If you want to promote your business, social media is your best bet for success. But if you want to take full advantage of its reach, there are a few crucial tips you should remember to make your presence professional, attractive and importantly, widespread. If you stick to it, you can gain a wider reach than you’ve ever dreamed of.

So try to go pro. If you want to promote yourself via social media, get serious and think of the time you spend online as more than just a hobby. If you’re producing video, make it look professional and invest in the equipment to do so. If you’re writing, be sure to thoughtfully consider your arguments and be active in following up questions and comments by readers. Your followers will know quality when they see it, and help you in turn to expand your network.

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