Are tattoos addictive?

My sister has been an avid tattoo lover. I rememberd when I saw the first one she got, I thought, wow that’s going to be there for a while. Fast forward to 2019, and she has since gotten more tattoos, either progressively larger and more detailed. Is she hooked I wondered.

Most start with one tattoo that has a deep meaning attached, but after the rush of getting inked and all the attention that comes with it, they feel that desire burning inside to get another. Once that fire is ignited, it can be hard to stop dreaming about what that next tattoo design is going to be.

These are just a few of the reason why guys find getting tattoos addictive. Of course, that’s not to say tattoos are addictive for all men, because let’s face it, they aren’t! Some get one and their done.

1. That Rush of Adrenaline

Ask someone about the first time he sat in the chair to get a tattoo, and his eyes widen and his excitement level rises as he tells the story. The high associated with sitting in that chair and going through that pain threshold and waiting in anticipation to see this design come to life is unlike any other feeling.

Once you feel that needle pulsating into the skin and realize it was nowhere near as painful as some say, guys get that euphoric rush that no drug can replicate. That anxious feeling of waiting in the artist’s chair is similar to that of being in a roller coaster as it painstakingly creeps to the top of that huge first hill, and then once you get to the top, WHOOSH, there really is no turning back.

2. Unique Form of Self-Expression

Part of the reason that people find getting a new tattoo addicting is because you have the ability to express your individuality with body art. Making the commitment to have something that will remain on your body forever is a huge step, so once you pass the point of no return, you want to feel it again.

That form of self-expression is different for every guy, just like the meaning behind a similar style of body art is different. Guys love the attention that come with showing off their tattoos and having to explain the deeper meaning behind it. Any chance a guy can get to have a woman touching his body as asking him questions about his cool tattoo, he will gladly welcome that opportunity time and time again.

3. Form of Stress Relief

Technology has literally shrunk the world to the point that everyone knows what everyone is doing every second of the day. Do or say something on social media, and a global audience is interacting with you in the blink of an eye. Add into the mix work, school, and relationships, and guys just want a way to break free from the craziness.

Getting a tattoo for some guys is addicting because it becomes their place to go when they want some normalcy in their life. Sitting in that chair and relaxing for a few hours while the needle pulses over the skin can be quite therapeutic, something guys look forward to when they want to eliminate the chaos in their life.

Part of the reason for this addiction from a science standpoint is that endorphins are released in the body when you’re being tattooed, so any tension or stress seems to wash away while getting inked.

4. The Rebel in Us All

Everybody knows that if you fill a room with average people, the one dude with piercings, wild hair, and tattoos, will be like a beacon to every able-bodied female in the room. Even though tattoos are widely accepted today, there is something that draws people in when they see that shocking ink design or beautiful masterpiece on his skin. Guys who want that extra edge over the competition know that tattoos are still able to produce a little shock and awe, the perfect formula for getting the attention of others.

5. Tattoos and Healing

Tattoos can be quite addictive when you discover they can actually help someone deal with their inner demons. For some guys, a specific tattoo can represent someone they lost, so the body ink is a memorial to that person and is something they can carry with them for the rest of their lives and remind them on a daily basis of that connection.

Others utilize the tattoo for closure, perhaps the ending of a bad relationship or the battling of an addiction. Either way, the constant reminder of seeing that tattoo can be very therapeutic and actually help heal deeper wounds that the tattoo hides. There is nothing more powerful and addicting than the rush you get of creating something that will last forever on your body that keeps you moving in a positive forward direction.

To answer the question why are tattoos addictive, the answer is it really can be different for each of us. Maybe it is one, or perhaps a small piece of each of these meanings, but the bottom line is it depends on the person. Tattoo designs today are considered hot and bad-ass at the same time, a unique combination makes it tough to resist.

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