What if you were a pencil?

Someone told me a pretty good story today and I wanted to share it with you. It’s about viewing life as if you were a pencil. Yes, before most of you making jokes out of this, just hear me out. Here goes…

  1. Be useful.
    A pencil by itself without being used is really just a piece of wood. Provided in the hand of someone who wants to write, then it has its use and fulfills its purpose. Also if someone wants something sharp to punch holes into paper. So be kind of to people and help them to fulfill what they need. Sitting back and being selfish means you are nothing but a wooden block. Ask your self what your purpose in life is.
  2. Sharpening hurts but it’s about getting better.
    We get tired and that’s because, work and life tires us down. So, then it’s time to be sharpened. Being sharpened hurts but it is a necessary process as it helps to keep the pencil useful and pointed. Thus, the pencil continues to be useful to the user. Whatever doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.
  3. Don’t worry if you fail, you always change and try again.
    Pencils typically have an eraser. If you feel that you don’t then look up! Keep trying new things and doing different stuff. If you fail, nothing is cast in stone. Try to erase your mistake and try again. The worst thing that anyone can do is to do nothing because you are afraid of failing.
  4. It’s the inside that matters.
    Pencils come in different shapes and designs and colors. But what really matters is the inside. It determines whether the mark it makes is a strong one and writes cleanly and smoothly. We spend a lot of time making our “outside” looking good. So spend more effort on making your “inside” great, courses and lessons and practice helps. Try some volunteering or speak with a friend. Build up your character by persevering and showing grit.
  5. Try to help someone have make an impact.
    A pencil in the hands of a writer can produce a literary work. A pencil in the hands of a musician can write a symphony. A pencil in the hands of a cook can produce a great recipe. Without a pencil, all three of them cannot make anything. So find your purpose and help that person make their mark in life.

So if you need a little bit of reframing in your life then look above at the tips and think of yourself as a pencil. How can you make that change and difference. A thank you to TJ for sharing me the story.

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