Have you played In Between?

Whether you’re looking for a new way to bond with your cousins during Chinese New Year, or bored at a birthday party, turn to these easy-to-learn card games to keep you and your friends entertained.

With In-between, the party size does not matter as this fast-paced card game is just as fun in both big and small groups. A word of advice: don’t let greed get to you – it’s as easy to lose as it is to win in this game.


Every player chips in the same sum of money to the pot. The pot becomes the maximum sum a person can bet each turn.


Shuffle the deck thoroughly. Deal two cards facing up to the player on the dealer’s left.


The player now has to decide if the next card will have a value that’s in-between the two cards. An ace card has the smallest value (1) and a king has the largest (13). Suits don’t matter.

The player is allowed to bet as much as the total amount of money in the pot. If the value of the third card is in-between the first two cards, then the player may retrieve the amount s/he betted from the pot. If not, said amount will be added to the pot – making it grow bigger for the next player.

Be cautious before shouting “whole pot!” if you get dealt a lucky pair, like an ace and a king. If the third card happens to be the same as either of the first two dealt, then double of the said bet is added into the pot instead.


Once the player has taken from or added to the pot, the person on the left has a turn. The game carries on until the pot is completely depleted. The game can either end or every player can chip in again to begin a new round.


Sounds like a simple game to win money? Wrong! More often than not, this game goes against all odds. Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself, we warned you. We also highly recommend combining two decks of cards to make counting cards more challenging.

Play wisely!

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