Why ic! Berlin broke the spectacles market?

Trying to find a good pair of glasses can be tough. Glasses should frame your face, but also compliment your style and not break in your bag because the screws fell out. Luckily one eyewear brand ic! berlin is changing things for the better.

Revolutionising the eyewear market, ic! berlin creates screwless eyewear, made with a removable clip that holds the frame and temple together at the hinge, meaning no screws, no glues; just brilliant design. They also offer sunglasses so you can get that same quality in their summer shades. For consumers, this means getting an eyewear product that delivers great design, durability and a mix of unique styles to match your personality: from minimalist to modern, subtle and experimental.

The company, which is handmade in the heart of Berlin, actually makes and manufactures its glasses from the site of a former East German industrial bakery. Don’t believe it? Well in the spirit of transparency they even offer tours of the headquarters, so that you can see the design process from start until finish, think handmade sketches and paper prototypes. And, the styles are so great and lusted-after that they sell in opticians all over the globe, from Berlin to Melbourne and Shanghai.

This brand is different from your average, the wonderful brand ethos is evident from the glasses to the company HQ. The staff and the company as a whole is quirky and fun, like the cool eyewear designs. Each Monday morning begins with the ic! berlin choir meeting around the piano, to kick-start the week with a bang! The staff is also involved in every step of the process, in fact the latest collection Meet The Crew, sees employees used as models in the brand’s ad campaign. Consumers can now invest in styles that the employees wear, make and style.

Have you tried a screwless spectacles? Ok, I should really stay out of developing taglines.

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