How to Work Simply? – Part 2

Attention is a precious resource, and you need willpower to direct and control it. Each day, you can devote your attention to just a limited number of things, as attention is not infinite. Yet, the better you are able to get a grip on your focus, the more you can achieve. This is because focusing clearly on one task will prevent you from being distracted by other goals.

Focusing your attention holds different challenges for different personality types. Recall your personality type and see if any of these details pertain to you. While different personality quirks certainly make managing attention challenging, the reality is that we all need to fight for our attention daily.

Attention to work must be balanced with attention to other things in life. Your daily routines should complement your attention span. Some people are more focused after a walk, while others concentrate better after working out.

Eating and sleeping habits should work with your attention patterns in the same way listening to music or alternating alone time or socializing should. The key is to find the activities that support your attention and stick to them!

Pause for a moment and consider how your mind works for you, or against you. The truth is, our minds can actually sabotage us! But we have the power to change this. First, you need to realize that you can only process a certain amount of information at once. This usually means taking in around two to three chunks of information at a time. This is why most of us struggle to recall more than a few names of people we’ve just met.

We process input subconsciously and unsystematically, but patterns do exist in accordance with our productivity style. Remember how we can’t manage time? Trying to do so is like trying to force square pegs into round holes. That’s why time management approaches are ineffective and often lean on senseless schedules, not taking into account an individual’s personality or productivity style.

What wouldn’t make sense, is if you tackled your productivity problem in the exact same fashion as every other web designer. You are your own person; you have your own personality and productivity style. Find what works for you and don’t accept a cookie-cutter approach as the rule!

In short, finding and sticking to your own style of thinking and working will help you live up to your full potential! Just keep in mind the phrase “Know the TWIST”: You need Know yourself, learn to manage your Time, have the WIllpower to focus on the tasks at hand and find your own productivity STyle.

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