Can your product be perfect and scalable?

Ok you are an entrepreneur and got your product going. Then dilemma strikes. While it’s good to think of your product in terms of the experience, designing a product or service does not necessarily fit nicely into those two stages due to the complexity and factors that are involved.

But you have to realise that no product or experience will ever be perfect. You will only ever get closer to perfect as you continue to survey your customers and prospects for what they want and like. Since their preferences are fluid and continually change, maintaining that close-to-perfect status will require you to be similarly adaptive. That’s why scale is the way to approach your product or service design.

Get the product far enough along that it’s able to address one or more of the pain points you have identified in your audience and get the pain relief in their hands. Make sure it’s different than any approach already available on the market so when they consider and then use it, they are overwhelmed and excited by just how well it works. This is where you capture those customers and then work on the other aspects that will hold them firmly in place. When they start feeling better, you’ll be able to give them more options that proactively stave off other potential pain points that they have told you about.

No matter your industry, I think this process for product development makes sense given just how much consumers and businesses have become accustomed to being intimately involved with the companies and brands they do business with. But do companies focus enough on it? And from a customer perspective?

Thanks to social media and the shift in power base it’s created, we must work with our customers on what we make, so it makes more sense to scale and change as we get feedback from those who are using what we develop. That way, they see we are incorporating their definition of perfection and are more likely to stick around and keep buying from us rather than if we marketed what we assumed was perfect from initial launch.

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