Are people who glasses more intelligent?

Wearing glasses? You’re in luck. A major study, published in the journal of Nature Communications, has proven what many of us have already suspected: wearing glasses really is a sign of intelligence.

The University of Edinburgh analyzed data from over 300,000 people and found a correlation between overall intelligence and wearing glasses, with a link between general cognitive function and poor eyesight. People who displayed higher intelligence were 28% more likely to wear glasses.

The findings were part of a much broader study about inherited genes affecting general cognitive function (or, colloquially, “intelligence”). The study also found that those with higher cognitive function tended to live longer, have a decreased risk of specific types of cancer, and even had healthier hearts.

Does this mean you should go out and buy a pair of glasses, even if you don’t need them? Absolutely not. A 2010 study shows that fake glasses overwhelmingly tend to make wearers more dishonest. Not only that, but fake glasses can even change your basic self-perception… even GQ calls this practice “downright shameful.” A good half-way point might be just to get a pair of so-called computer glasses, like Felix Grays, which cut down on blue light (i.e. the thing that is emanating from your computer screen and screws with your circadian rhythm). Hmm, at least a benefit to me for looking all nerdy.

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9 thoughts on “Are people who glasses more intelligent?

  1. I have been wearing glasses for a while. Mainly because I hate contacts or lasik surgery! I am an engineer and can be nerdy sometimes😊, but there is a lot more layers to my personality than just being nerdy.
    Do you think all glasses wearers look nerdy? Do you think these fake glass wearers or even these computer glasses, increase her IQ points somehow?

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      1. Me too. Can’t take Lasik surgery. Glasses are also technically cleaner in some way as I don’t have to put my fingers anyway near my eyes! I only use contacts when I run… Never used glasses to be intelligent though!


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