Join the Reelight Giveaway!

The new year brings new hope and why not start it right. Or maybe I’m still stuck with the Christmas spirit! So (drum roll please) I am very excited to announce a pretty…. um, exciting giveaway brought to you from the guys of Reelight! Anyway, let’s proceed. Are you ready to see what I’m giving away?

What You’ll Win
Reelight CIO, the coolest bike light on the market at the moment powered by you!


A little bit more about them:

Reelight is a Danish manufacturer of bike lights. Our patented, battery-free bike lights generate their own eco-friendly power by means of magnets mounted in the spokes and a small generator integrated in the lights. Reelights are always on, making cyclists visible day and night in all kinds of weather. In less than 10 years Reelight has gained dominant market shares in Denmark and our bike lights are further exported to most European countries, USA and Australia.

Reelight was established in 2003 and the company experienced its breakthrough in 2005 when a large scale trial involving 4.000 cyclists proved that Reelights reduced bike related accidents by 47%. Today, more than 5 million cyclists worldwide have realized the convenience of having daytime running, sustainable lights on their bikes.

Reelight has been awarded several times for design, innovation and user-friendly features. Reelight won the prestigious Eurobike Award for two consecutive years. Innovation, safety and eco-friendliness were the decisive criteria when the jury chose to award the prizes to Reelight.

Reelight GO won the red dot award 2013: best of the best. Statement of the jury: “The design of the Reelight Go bicycle light follows an impressively minimalist concept. It presents a purism, which is an expression of a meticulous approach. Handling of the Reelight GO is self explanatory and functional. This bicycle light effortlessly fits in with an uncomplicated, modern lifestyle thanks to its easy installation.”


Check out my review on it here:

How can a light be made without batteries?

And that’s that! NOW. Are you ready to learn the rules for entering?

How To Enter
This giveaway is only open to people living on this planet. No extra terresterials please. I’m sooo sorry about that, guys, but otherwise the shipping cost gets pretty scary, you know?

  • You must be following my blog to enter. Ideally I’d like for this giveaway to be only for the followers I already have, but that would be too hard to monitor. I don’t want you guys to follow my blog solely so you can enter this giveaway, but I can’t think of a better way to do it and still have it only be for my followers, so… :
  • As usual, if you’re under 18 years of age, get a parent’s permission before entering. But I’m sure you already knew that. 😉
  • To enter, fill up the survey below and please fill out all the requested details. Press finish when you are done. If not properly filled, we can’t get the prize over to you.
  • The survey also helps Reelight continue their R&D to develop an even better one for the future. By helping to complete this, you are helping us to get better “lumination” to keep the cyclists and cycling safer for everyone. How’s that for a self-actualization reason to participate!
  • I am also using the opportunity to gather more feedback from my blog in terms of topics for the future so keep the ideas coming. A couple more heads is better than just mine.

For Bonus Entries…Share on social media for 1 bonus entry for both you and the chap that fills in the survey. Choose Twitter Facebook, whatever. NOTE: You can only get one bonus entry for this, even if you share several times or on different social media platforms. Of course I’ll be quite happy if you want to share it more than once, but you’ll still earn just one extra entry. Otherwise things could get WAY too complicated. XD

  • Share on your blog for 1 bonus entry. You can add a link to my giveaway to your post or reblog this post – your choice.
  • A small secret….if we have a sizeable number of entries, we will try to post an additional prize! Will share more when we get to it.

Giveaway Deadline The giveaway starts today, 1st January 2018, and ends 19 January 2018, the mid of this month. That gives you just over two weeks to enter. I’ll send the details across to Jes from Reelight and we will select one winner. We will post the winner at the end of January 2018!

I’ll notify you by email and comment if you win, but if you don’t respond within a week, we will have to pick someone else. 😦

OKAY, I think that’s it! Ahhhh yay, I’m finally done! That took forever to write. I hope you guys are as excited about the giveaway as I am! If you have any questions, just drop me a comment below.

Last but not least here’s wishing a Happy New Year to Everyone! May 2018 be filled with happiness and health for you and your family.

PS: A special thanks to Jes and the team from Reelight for sponsoring the prize!

Ok, that’s it for the rules. Take the survey below to take part!

Click here if the survey above doesn’t come up.

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