How did a man from China beat the airline system?

Airports used to be terrible places to be. There are too many people rushing somewhere combined with too many cranky folks leaving somewhere mixed with annoying obstacles in the form of security and rolling luggages. Good news is that most of the airports around the world and sprucing up with shopping and activities that it is easy to loose track of time and have the risk of missing your flight.

But it’s just like that for us normal folk. For first class flyers? It’s like being a rock star. One genius man took advantage of his rock star status and used one single first class airplane ticket to eat food for free for an entire year.

It’s an absolutely brilliant ploy. You see, when you have a first class ticket, you can stroll into the fanciest VIP airport lounge and grab whatever you want because once you’re inside that VIP lounge, anything you want—yes, including food—is free.

A  genius man in China took advantage of the free perks of those airport lounges. He booked a first class ticket on China Eastern Airlines and went to the VIP airport lounge at the Xi’an airport in Shaanxi, China and ate a delicious meal before his flight. Just like any first class traveler would. Except he never takes the flight. After he finished eating, the man changed his flight’s departure for another day and went back home. Until tomorrow. Armed with a brand new first class ticket for a new day, he comes back to the airport lounge, eats another fantastic free meal and after he finishes up, yep, pushes his flight back again. Lather. Eat. Repeat. For free.

In fact, he pretty much got a year of free meals out of this trick because he changed his flight itinerary over 300 times in the same year. The man sure knows how to work a loophole.

The best part though? When China Eastern Airlines started investigating this heroic man for changing his flights too many times, he simply canceled his airplane ticket and got a full refund.

The key bit is that he was not flouting any rules! Airline officials admitted there was nothing they could do to stop the frequent diner. Not a lot of integrity, maybe. But you have to give it to the chap for the intelligence. Well done, sir. Well done. If only we could harness his intelligence for a greater purpose…



  1. I actually find this guy really.. ‘effort’ given that airports are seldom easy places to get to. And for have the lack of integrity and such, for lack of a kinder word, shamelessness, woah. Not proud of him though. =/


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