What can you learn from happy people?

Ah the search for happiness. It’s easy to think of happiness as a result, but happiness is also a driver. So if you are happy, the happier you’ll become?

Like everyone else in the world, I want to be happy. I want to accomplish crazy dreams, have an amazing relationship with myself, and be surrounded by awesome and loving people.

However, also like everyone else, I genuinely struggle to attain happiness and keep it. It makes us all wonder how others in comparison have achieved their dreams and are always living life to the fullest. Not trying to be envious but perhaps we can learn something from the happy people.

  1. Stay in the Present
    It’s easy to get lost in our heads and wish for different things to happen in our lives. There is nothing wrong with daydreaming or reminiscing, but to let your mind stay in the past or dream of a future too much will prevent you from doing the things you need to do right now.
  2. Treat Ourselves With Kindness
    More often than not, we tend to treat others with more kindness and compassion than we do ourselves. We genuinely don’t give ourselves enough credit. But by treating ourselves with kindness and understanding despite our struggles and downfalls, we realize that a fulfilling life starts with loving ourselves.
  3. Unplug technology when needed
    We live in a technological society where it seems that everyone is plugged in and distracted all day, every day. However, separating yourself from the phenomenon of technology addiction will enable you to be aware and open to connecting with the world and people around you instead.
  4. Let Go of Petty Situations
    Unexpected and unpleasant events occur all the time. However, that doesn’t mean we should constantly let them get to us. By brushing off the insignificant things in your life, such as getting angry in traffic or feeling embarrassed, you’ll realize that there are better ways for you to invest your time and energy.
  5. Put Wishes Into Action
    We all have goals we wish to accomplish in life. However, how many of us actually follow through with the things we want to do? Happy people know not to make excuses or procrastinate when it comes to their dreams. They understand that they need to always take action and be goal-oriented every day.
  6. Keep up Organization in a Physical And Mental Space
    Routines give a life structure and maximize productivity. By following a routine, one is able to tackle the entire day with goal-oriented mindset. Without a routine, you may find yourself lost with what to do in a day could possibly waste valuable time.
  7. Exercise And Eat Health
    Exercising and eating healthy keeps the body strong and mind happy. Your body will feel at its optimum best if you eat healthy food and make the effort to hit the gym every day. Proper diet and exercise will clear your head and you will feel more motivated to take action.
  8. Allow Ourselves to Feel Emotions
    Contrary to popular belief, emotions do not make you weak – they make you human. Allowing yourself to feel your true and raw emotions is a sign of self-awareness and self-love. Suppressing your emotions is very unhealthy. Therefore, let yourself cry when you’re sad or scream to the sky when you’re angry.
  9. Practice Good Decision Making
    In life we choose to say either “yes” or “no” to events, relationships, and choices. Happy individuals never settle for less than what they deserve and always seek to improve themselves. In order to live a happy life, it is crucial to learn how to say “yes” to productive relationships and opportunities and “no” to the toxic ones.
  10. Take Time to Recharge and Be Alone
    Socializing and the craziness of life takes a toll on everyone. But to sustain your happiness and keep your sanity, it’s best to take a step back from your world and be with yourself. We sometimes get so caught up in life that we forget who we are. We need to return to a sense of grounded awareness, rather than forcing our minds to be busy with worries, work, and future obligations.

While I’m definitely into finding ways to improve personal productivity, probably the best way to be more productive is to just be happier. Happy people accomplish more and the  success and happiness of someone lies in their daily habits. Because when you’re working towards a goal every day, you eventually come to see that happiness is a constant experience and feeling, rather than just an end result.

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17 thoughts on “What can you learn from happy people?

    1. Well happiness is a place where we might not ever make it there. So I agree. Just to clarify life has ups and downs so there won’t be constant happiness. The key is the mindset, to remain positive and “make” happiness. The point of the article is that Sitting back and expecting happiness to come find you doesn’t work.

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  1. Came to your site and you have no idea how apt this post is for me today, after a crazy yesterday, hahaha. Angry in traffic, being embarrassed, emotions.. lol. I was just gonna write about having no emotions being the best thing on Earth. Cya around. 🙂

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