The Merlion and the Cat

Good post on the Merlion!

Sketchy Scratches

img_3971 The Merlion, 11″x8″ in colour pencils

Singapore is where I work and live in.   How the city got its name sounds like the stuff of legends, and the romantic version goes like this:

One fine day in the 8th century, a monster rose out of the sea.  Its appearance was that of a half-lion, half-fish chimera and a Malay prince (who was probably out at sea) at the time was so suitably impressed that he named the island nearby “singa” which means lion and “pura” to mean city.   Both words originate from sanskrit. To this day, it is referred to as Singapura in the Malay language or Lion City in English.  A merlion statue sits near the mouth of the Singapore river.   Despite the almost often hostile and derisive reactions to it initially, it has become a mascot and personification of the city. (To this day, I am not sure why…

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