How can we promote local music?


Here in the little red dot as we call Singapore, a local radio station that supports and plays indie and local music will cease operations. Lush 99.5 FM began in 2004 and was positioned as an indie music station. It gradually built a niche following but the station’s audience has steadily declined over the years to about 50,000 weekly at present. And despite efforts to increase the number of listeners, the station has consistently garnered the lowest audience among the company’s radio stations.

It’s a sad moment as I can identify with the passion of musicians that want to and need to have that big break. A friend of mine is trying to break in the local jazz scene. Talk about niche. So he does have his ups and downs but he typifies the guys/gals who are in this. Many musicians do what they do for love and art, but at the end of the day, money talks. Making an album, buying and maintaining gear and instruments, the manifold expenses of touring, the list of costs goes on and on. Not to mention labels, venues and promoters, whose work also needs and deserves compensation.


t’s undeniable that fans form the backbone of the success of Singaporean bands. But with a music scene that still needs time to develop and grow, how can we be sure that fans can help us reach the next stage?


In the vein of my blog, I would like to do my part. If you are a local musician/band, send me your music (demos, b-tapes, etc) and I will feature a new clip with each and every blog post. If there is a lot of interest, I might even start a podcast station specially featuring local artists. I want the local artists to be heard and recognised. Who knows, if it all goes well, we might also find the music producers here a hunting.

Take it as my little effort to help promote and make a difference. Singapore’s got talent so let’s show it to the world. For that to happen, every little bit of support from you counts. Help me to share this post, help me get in touch with more musicians and rally support for their cause.

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