15. Have you tried thinking out of the comfort zone?

Uncomfortable, unpleasant but necessary. And with the correct mindset, change can be fun!


Comfort zones.

It’s like taking a train ride home without anyone sitting right next to me while I listen to my Top 40s on Spotify.

It’s not having to make small talk with strangers.

It’s not having to feel fearless when clients start shouting at you.

It’s not having to think of a strategy and know you might fail even if you spend 24/7 working on it.

So today, I decided to move out the comfort zone of space.

While working in a team, it requires you to not only think about our own needs and wants but it’s also about balancing and prioritizing the urgency of work both as a team and individual.

Having to come out with a strategy, my teammate was so stressed that from 9-6pm she was literally frowning. When you’re tasked to a difficult challenge, we tend to think why do I get into this…

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