What happened to the iPod?

The wave of technology improvements means the ipod has to bite the dust. Interestingly, killed off by its own brother, the iPhone as Apple said on Thursday, 27 July that it was discontinuing the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano, leaving the iOS-equipped iPod Touch as the only model left in Apple’s venerable line of portable music […]

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Have you played Donkey Kong?

When I was about ten years old, my father gave me a Donkey Kong Game boy for Christmas. This was the “big present” of that year, other things being clothes and a bunch of random boardgames. This thing topped all of it and I brought it to school to show my friend. Most of them […]

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Why don’t millennials invest?

Back to the young and upcoming guys: The Millennials. I have this feeling that we don’t really understand their thought process so let me speak up on their behalf to bridge this “understanding” gap. Certainly helps if you are looking to tailor a product to target them. And if you are wondering why you should? […]

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Are you a Walkman?

Taking the subway helps me to think. You get to also people watch. As it happens with many of us; as long as earphones are plugged in our ears the outer world remains almost disconnected. I got a seat near the doors I closed my eyes with the intention to reward myself with Music therapy […]

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