How 5th graders make a blog and turn it into a yearbook!

This is a really heartwarming story. Originally in French, it’s been translated to show that determination and creativity has not bounds. Sylvanie Girault is a teacher at the elementary school Sainte-Marie de Mérignac in France. She came up with the idea of starting a blog for her group of fifth graders to maintain and decided later on to turn it into a yearbook that each of them could get as a souvenir (at a very fair price 😉).

The reason she did it?

“Besides it makes sense for my students to have a physical object reminding them of the group because fifth grade is the last step before entering middle-school. Some students have known each other for 7 years, since they were in kindergarten; they grew up together and will, for some of them, be separated from each other once they get to middle-school. Having by their side a book reminiscent of their time in elementary school is something truly unique and precious. A few days away from the end of the school year, every student will go home with a book signed by their classmates. I just received the 40 books and will be signing them as well as writing a personal note, if the pupils and their parents ask me to do so.”

Touched a chord because it was one of the main reasons I decided to also take the plunge and write down my thoughts. To share and to record. A thanks for reading and if you are newly setting out to blog then keep at it. If you have been on the fence, it’s time to take the plunge. Happy writing and let’s change the world, one word at a time.

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