Do you wet shave?

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My father asked me to get some razor blades. As Father’s Day was coming, I decided to get him a new razor set all together. “You should try this…better and cheaper than yours”.He was meaning my Gillette Fusion razor. Took his advice and got myself a set.

Ever since the prehistoric man first scraped a seashell across his cheek so prehistoric woman would let him dance cheek-to-cheek, shaving has been a part of the male experience. But even with today’s high-tech razors, lots of men still get nicks, cuts, and razor burn. So I decided to research more about wet shaving.

The infographic below gives some good insights into the topic of wet shaving. Certainly a forgotten/lost art. And more importantly, it’s not as complicated as you think it is. Do you also know that women shavers are exactly the same as men’s? Just in a different colour. Call it brilliant marketing!

So there you have it. Try it and you may like it. Nicks and cuts are a part of it. Stick with it and eventually you will get better. It’s a aged old tool that your father and even your father’s father have used so it can’t be that bad. The upfront cost might be more ie buying a safety razor may cost up to $80 depending on the quality. Got him one from the guys from Rockwell who ran a wonderful Kickstarter campaign twice! Check out their reviews here:

The important thing is that double edged razor blades are dirt cheap at $0.10 or so per blade that can last you anywhere from 5 to 8 shaves. Cost of blades for the full year should be less than S$30. No more expensive razor blades for me. Wet shaving brings back the feel of the vinyl days where you take a hands on approach to stuff. So nostalgia rules. Finally if you get it right, it gives you a much closer shave than the modern one just with one blade. Finding the correct angle takes a. It of time as most modern razors have their blades already angled but it definitely pays off. You can call me a convert. Another good lesson from Daddy.

To all the fathers out there, Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. Hi,I traatlnsed your great article to Persian (Farsi) and published it on my blog with your link on top of the article. Thank you for your service and great blog.


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