Why do people buy? – Part 2

OK. Here’s part 2 of why do people buy. In this post, I am going to explore in the very slim event that you purchase something and suffer from buyers’ remorse. Very slim of course. The little comic below provides some insights on the different stages we go through.

The Five Stages

In a study conducted by Fits.me, a whopping 86% of consumers described symptoms of grief when clothes ordered online do not fit or live up to expectations. A cycle of emotions comprising denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance were shown when clothes purchased online did not fit or suit body shape. Of course this applies to shopping of clothes. With most of us embracing ecommerce, clothes are certainly one of the more popular items purchased.

The study shows that typically people are more ticked off by the fit. Difference in colours are fine. The research found that women, in particular, are affected by fit failures and, as a result, spend longer in denial than men, often keeping the clothing for a while to see if they can lose weight to fit into it. That’s rarely gonna work. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to enter straight into the anger phase, focusing their anger on the retailer or the situation. Grr. Furthermore, the study actually claims that at each stage, there is the potential for brand damage. I quote: “At each stage their feeling towards the brand is less than positive: think of phases like Denial, Bargaining and Anger and words like ‘disbelief’, ‘puzzlement’, ‘frustration’ or ‘anger’ make perfect sense.”

Key findings from the research include:


So what can you do. It seems that returns are the most common way to solve the problem. Send the item back and we will send you something that fits or provide a refund. This helps to protect the value of the brand so that you don’t have a bunch of angry mongers running around destroying it. It’s better to have a client forever than to do a hit and run. Sounds common sense but how many brands do that and go the extra mile ie keep the item, we will send you a replacement for free!

With people in different shapes and sizes, the art of selling clothes is a pretty difficult one. But don’t worry, technology is here to help with some of them claiming to map your body shape, show how the clothes look like on you before you buy. How that turns out remains to be seen.

In conclusion, if you buy something by “mistake”, don’t get angry. Start a conversation with the retailer and see whether the brand wants to be one that sticks with you for the long term.

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