Are we family?

I stumbled on a survey conducted two years back by the Ministry of Social and Family Development. So Singaporeans value families – they want to get married, have children and feel a strong sense of filial piety a survey found. However, statistics by the survey show a gap between what they desire and their reality. I have included some of the charts that better tell the story.

45% of the people say they don't want to stay near their parents. And about one out of five of them visit their parents a couple times of never at all. Most blame work. And guys, we are the main culprits. Less people are also choosing to stay with their parents. Guys, we also spend less than 3 hours over the weekends with our children.

Ok I admit. I am also guilty of it. I could only definitely do more. Family ties are important and it certainly matters more when we get older. We need them not only for support but to share our joy and sadness during the ups and downs in life.

Today's Mother's Day so do me a favour. Don't just spend time with your mom just today but make it mother's, father's and children's day every month. Don't leave it till it's too late.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.

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