Why do people travel?


Phocuswright just released some findings on the motivations of decision travelers in Southeast Asia. So for you guys in the travel trade and focused on the region, you’re in luck.

For Southeast Asian travelers, the most common motivators when planning a leisure trip are a desire to take a break, spending time with loved ones, and available vacation time away from work.


In Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, a desire to get away was the most commonly cited reason by a wide margin, with roughly two-thirds of travelers seeking a break. For Thai travelers, available vacation time away was the top motivator.

When choosing a destination, travelers across markets were influenced by a variety of factors. Indonesians were most likely to be influenced by recommendations from friends and family, while the most commonly cited influencer for Thais was natural attractions. By comparison, Malaysian and Singaporeans were more focused on practical matters: whether the destination fit with travel dates, and the price of airline tickets.


So the above information provides some guidance in terms of marketing and promotions. If you delve deeper, look how word of mouth really spurs the Indonesians and Malaysians on. For the LCCs, Malaysia looks like a good market to target. As for destination marketing organisations, featuring more of the natural aspects of the country attracts the Thais and Malaysia. Malaysians seem the togetherness sort with the highest of the four countries for providing the reason to spend time with friends and family. And for my friends in Singapore, surprise that they are not really motivated by price of hotels as compared to the other SEA countries. Check out my previous post on why you need a travel break as a related topic.

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