Is this an innovation?

People Are Now Drinking Lattes Out of Avocados! I was taken in by the headline.  Take some creative vision, a hit of genius and a fair bit of absurdity, and you’ll end up with something like the avolatte, the latest hipster hybrid composed of a latte poured into—you guessed it—a hollowed-out avocado shell. Introduced by […]

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Fact or Fiction?

A wise man at the ripe old age of 21 told me that he had the knowledge of the world in his hand. He flashed his mobile and told me that anything he wanted to learn was accessible on the web via his phone. He believe that a) he didn’t really needed to remember anything […]

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Are we family?

I stumbled on a survey conducted two years back by the Ministry of Social and Family Development. So Singaporeans value families – they want to get married, have children and feel a strong sense of filial piety a survey found. However, statistics by the survey show a gap between what they desire and their reality. […]

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