Should we all go back to thinking like children?

The article (link below) shared with me by a wonderful person set me thinking.
The main part of why we act the way we do is due to fear and habits. Over the years, we have learnt to behave how we do. Success in some things drives repeat behavior. We keep doing more of the same as before as well, it gives results. If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it.

This spurs a couple more questions. Does this suppress  ourselves? Drives fear in changing? Do we have a habit of sticking with those we feel comfortable with? Or is there something better? Can we let go of the fear both from society and people to think and behave differently?
One case in point. A couple years ago, my kid painted a picture of a sunset at the beach for an art test. It was a whole big blotch of orange, from the sand to the sky. He failed the assignment. Remarks from the teacher to me include: “shows great flare and brush strokes but needs more adequate use of colours. Failing which,  it will be impossible for the viewer to appreciate.” The latter phrase obviously refers to the need for the sky to be blue. The little dude was very upset. Failing something meant that he would get the long chat with me on the reason why and he hated that. I suspect he hated not being first more than the chat though.

We took a walk in the park and I asked him why he used the same colour. Tried not to get to the real reason as I wanted to soften the blow. If he did that, no one would be able to differentiate the sand from the sky. He pointed out that the sand was a little darker and people could tell the sky from the ground. Finally I gave up and told him the comments from the teacher.

His reply: “the teacher is stupid. She doesn’t understand.” Whenever I hear that phrase from adults, it brings on the same reaction from me. “Why?” I asked.

In a defiant voice, came his reply “She doesn’t understand that when the sun sets, everything turns orange.”

“Wow. He’s right.” I thought. The rays from the setting sun makes everything orange. Kids paint from sight and experience.

My reply: “I don’t care if you get zero for tests. Keep doing what you think is right. And yes, the sky is orange.”

Take the handbrake off and just drive.

Original one that spurred this article

Putting another article



  1. Reminds me of my childhood & how I was brought up. Through doing, experimenting, falling, hurting and crying. Life is quite interesting ain’t it. The same set of learning applies again


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